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  1. Recently got my new bong in the mail, as well as my new a/c. The bong is the Weed star ghetto bitch and the a/c is a molino mini inline. Goin tomorrow to pick up an adapter (bong is 18 a/c is 14) and a custom glass bowl. I'll post pics of all of it soon. :wave:
  2. Not cool bro, teasing us about a new setup and not already having the pic's..... thats like reminiscing the future.
  3. Sorry for the wait! Let's start with a couple pics of the inline. I really like the worked section on this piece.

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  4. Wow that is a mini inline. Hope the tube itself isn't to big. Enjoy it.
  5. Yeah it is a little small, but it was only 30 bucks. And here's the tube. Its pretty tall (paper towels for height reference lol) but its a slim tube.

    And my homemade g-bong in the background :)

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  6. That is a tall tube. Does it clear fairly quickly?

  7. Because its such a narrow tube it does clear incredibly quick. It can hold a pretty fat hit though
  8. Right on. Molino has really stepped up their glass quality. That inline feel fairly fragile? I'm assuming it does because of the price. But should treat you well if you take care of it. I would only clean it with iso or simple green so you don't hafta shake a whole lot.
  9. How much was the tube?

    Nice buy, mate. Looks beautiful.

  10. Surprisingly enough, the inline is pretty fucking thick. My lady dropped it 4 feet onto hardwood floors the other day and it just bounced (shes lucky lol).

  11. Thanks man! The tube cost me 50 bucks plus shipping which was like 15. so bout 65 bucks overall.

  12. Also, i'm pretty sure it was so cheap because even though the inline tube inside is worked, its not slitted, it just had a couple of holes. But it keeps my tube very clean and it looks pretty snazzy. I would have went with something more like my last 6-arm a/c, but i wanted something light so it wouldnt tip my tube over.
  13. nice setup you got there my man!

  14. Thank you sir. Its acting as my daily driver for now. Considering getting a showerhead downstem as well
  15. id let that thing drive me daily! haha but ima tell you right now that a showerhead will be a GREAT investment. you can get an alex k for like 30 on a l t and it'll do wonders for your diffusion

  16. My thoughts exactly. Just gotta wait to order one because i'm moving to a different apartment soon so my address is gonna change, and an Alex K. is nothing that i want shipped to the wrong place for someone else to enjoy :D

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