My new Zong

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  1. My friend bought it for $75 on 4/20 for 50% off (original price is $150) and since he got a really nice new bong he hooked me up and sold me this one for $40!! Super thick glass and wow guys this thing rips! I'm so excited to have a Zong now! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414796582.776685.jpg

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  2. That'll shatter so easily be careful!!
  3. :laughing:

    Half priced at $75....
    Ya fucking right.
    Even at $40, you got robbed....

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  4. Everybody's saying that ._. Why is that? I think at $40 it was a good price. Here's a diesel I bought new for $40 and it's the same size. So $40 for this Zong that hits drastically better since it gets so milky is a good price regardless of who originally bought it for what.

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  5. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414863952.085535.jpg

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  6. Smoke shops tend to take what they can for a piece. They throw an astronomically high, pie in the sky price at you to begin with, expecting you to try to barter down. Sounds like your friend took the pre-bartering price, causing a round of laughs and high fives when he left the store.
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    I got this bong for $40 online. Ashcatcher, percolator, and hits pretty good. I think you got ripped.

    EDIT: sorry about the picture, wasn't like that when I uploaded

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  8. It's got a rubber grommet, anything over 25 is too much. Even at 25 it's probably not worth it.

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  9. cause for 20$ more you could've got something more modern and just all around better.
  10. Wow I've gotten nicer for $15 that's not a Zong unless they make shitty pieces too
  11. I threw up a bit
  12. Lol i love how the farther down the page the less people would pay. But hell yall are right its china,its cheap, but to each his own. I dont mind a gromet peice but not having that diffused downstem really kills it.
  13. You got boned dude :bolt:
  14. Cool little piece. It's NOT a Zong, it may somewhat be shaped like one but it's totally not Zong shaped. And I think your friend bought it for 40$ man
  15. Yea thats not a Zong, its shaped like one, but not a Zong.

    Zong has a logo on all their glass (its a brand first, style second)

    This is my Zubbler, $210, note the extremely obvious logo

  16. So I figured I'd post a few pics of my zongs, they ARE clearly marked, it's not just the shape of the piece. Some of the older zongs DO come with grommets, but the new school (Blue Dot out of Arizona) has mostly glass fittings. Hopefully this clears some confusion...
    SAM_2481.jpg SAM_2482.jpg SAM_2483.jpg
    The zong is marked in two places, if it's all original parts. The back piece is a Sour piece. The guy who makes them (Facebook) says he used to design the zongs and just kept making his own pieces the same way.
    I'm glad I didn't go to the place where they have $200+ bubblers, both pieces cost me about $350 and I had to special order the one with the Z perc.

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