My new ZOB Og from *******s

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  1. I got a nice ZOB Og from *******s during my Cali trip. Probably my best purchase while there

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  2. Nice pickup bro.
    How much did it run you?

    I have a 2ft og and it's a beast.
    The only thing I would say is grab an ash catcher. I managed to find a ZOB 8arm to throw on mine, now it's a dream and the bong gets kept clean

    Enjoy it man!
  3. Nice bro, grab a good downstem and ashcatcher and you have a sick set up.
  4. I got an ash catcher but it hits so much smoother with just the regular bt bowl
  5. I purchased a Zob UFO with the shower head perc a few weeks ago, best bong I ever had. It's a huge beaker bottom but it clears like a skinny straight tube, love it

    EDIT: Nice pick up, OP. You will be happy with her.
  6. fuckin sick likin the red and white label!

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