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  1. So if you haven't read already I almost broke up with my girlfriend because I found out she made out with my best friend before we were dating. I know, it's dumb. He was always interested in her, but she always was interested in me.

    The reason why she did it was because I wasn't talking to her at the time.

    Anyways everything between us was fine and my buddy and I were buying beer for our party at my girlfriends and my backstabbing friend walks by (the one who made out with her). It was awkward. He said he wanted to talk to me about the incident a few days ago but doesn't care.

    -But the party actually turned out to be great. Apparently I was drunk though and broke up with my girlfriend like 5 times. It def. was set off cause I saw that kid, but we both laughed it off in the morning.

    It went really well. We all had a great night. Apparently I smoked a blunt, but vaguely remember it. I'm still hungover and it's 24 hours ago I was completely hammered :)
  2. God...Any naked pics or something?

  3. ^ this. God Damn it OP, give the people what they came for!
    :laughing: j/k j/k
    Glad you had a good new year, smoke another blunt, it'll help with the hangover:)
  4. Haha! I remember you man! xD sounds like you're over it.
  5. Any valid reasons why you should care that this incident even happened>?
  6. you broke up with her five times over an incident that happened a whole year ago and you're laughing about it?

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