My new water pipe; combo of Black Leaf, Weed Star, Magic Glass

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  1. Black Leaf - ELITE Beaker Base 6-arm Perc Splash Ice Bong - No Carb Hole
    Weed Star Bubble II Precooler - 14.5 mm
    Magic Glass - Bong Adapter Downstem, Joint Size 14.5 mm
    G-Spot Glass - Ash Catcher, Joint Size 14.5 mm

  2. Wow looks super duper cool
  3. Awesome bro! If you find you want it to clear a little faster you could reduce drag by not completely filling the tree perc. Put water just above the slits
  4. I've been testing it out with no herb, and it really doesn't drag that much, if any. When I work out a counter-weight, I'll probably fill it less.

  5. huh...

    so I wanna hit it
  6. Yeah, yeah, me too! But I'm stuck at work for another hour... fortunately, I could unpack it, fill it, dick about with it at work.
  7. Looks like i would burn my hair off haha
  8. Don't bring that to parties with all those attachments. I feel like it would break so fast haha
  9. yeah yeah! I'd probably take off the beaker-style pre-cooler, just leave the teardrop looking one. BTW, milkshots and video coming in about 2 hours.
  10. That piece has little to no drag?

  11. I have the same bong, that looks like ridiculous drag, you don't need that many precoolers. The bong by itself is smooth enough.
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    ***** is that bong in a library

    edit: nah its in grocery shop
  13. cool vitamin shop
  14. Herbal remedies to a new level.

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