My new vodka bong converted - Pictures

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    $40.00 @ the liquor store.


    Converted into a bong + $20.00:

    Friends ripping:

    So I bought this, headed over to the head shop. I said these words "You know the new vodka bottle" instantly he knew what I needed. He handed me a down stem, a rubber grommit, and a slide all for $10.00. I then went to home depot and got a dremmel bit for cutting into glass and a dremmel sanding bit for stone. We then placed the bits into a normal drill. It took about 1 hour+ to make the hole.

  2. Haha thats sick! Nice Milker! +Rep 4 Creativity n a Milker!:smoke:
  3. I saw this Vodka down in FL... DEFINITELY made for what you did!

    +rep, very cool!
  4. man those bottles just scream MAKE ME INTO A BONG!
  5. Yep, guy at liquor store was like "Go get yourself a diamond bit and head over to the head shop and your good to go!" lol
  6. +rep, i'm going to do that.
  7. pretty slick lookin binger
  8. i tried this w/ two bottles before and failed. looks like you did a good job on it, congrats.
  9. yeah, i bought one of these bottles figuring there would be something you pop off leaving a hole for the slide, and was disappointed when i found out to have to drill it. still haven't gotten a diamond tip drill bit.
  10. looks sweet man. i wish they made water bottles with those bottles. i hate vodka.
  11. Did u put cold water in it? Helps it not 2 crack.
  12. nahh, i failed miserably lol. i didn't do anything right.
  13. thats pretty sweet :bongin:
  14. O lol, well theres always tomorrow! :smoke:
  15. I wish JD made a bottle like this I have no use for vodka.
  16. Wait, why do you need a diamond bit?

    Isn't the little hole metal? If so, wouldn't a regular drill just go right through it no problem?
  17. A Roor that size would be at least 100 bucks more, right? I may try this myself :D Could you post a pic of the dremel bits you used? rep for you :)
  18. Says above it was glass.
  19. that shit is so fucking sick. holy shit. you think i would find one of those here in california.
  20. Once the metal cap is popped off you have access to a thinner part of glass to drill.

    You must submerge the bong in water slightly below the drill area and fill the bong with water (just the base) when drilling.

    It keeps everything cool and no cracking.

    I just finished smoothing out the mouth piece more now its perfectly round.

    Time to get high.

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