My NEW Veg/Cloning Chambers!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by paenk, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. That's right! I am sure you remember my old plans, if not well check out this thread :

    But I completely changed my mind. I just spent 80 dollars on wood (lotsa wood) on two sheets of MDF (Medium Density Fibre-Board) 48x90 inches. I got them cut into 50x25 inches. The perfect size for 48 inch fluorescent lights eh eh eh. It's gonna be perfect. This leaves my closet open for my 400W HPS and then I can have two different light proof rooms for my cloning/vegging.

    I will be posting pics of my process throughout the whole time, this is gonna probably take me at least the whole weekend because I have other stuff to do, so you can follow me!

    Here's a picture of my original building materials, we can compare them to the finished setup when we are done. Fun fun fun...
  2. I must have forgotten to add the link...

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  3. That was two hours ago when I forgot to add the pic, this is how much I have done now.

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  4. Nice! so u have a nice perpetual harvest on the way ;)
    Keep us posted!

  5. "And we lived in a sea of green". Yeah man, you already know my plan. I was gonna make a meridian and have one for cloning and one for vegging, but instead can I put the lights on 20/4 and boost the clones up on a pedistol or something so they are closer to light and they can grow with the rest of the vegging babies. I of course will have a cover on them to keep in the moisture.

    On another note, I should be near finished tomorrow. I am also exchanging my 400W for a 600W. I just made an exchange with a friend and he is gonna cover the difference it should be for the best.

    About the grow box, there is going to be on intake and one out-take fan on either side. Everything is going to be painted white, and the bottom is going to be lined with a rubber-made mat. It's so big I can fit in it... Well I stand taller then it, but it's wide enough for me. I can fit two 5 gallon pots on either side! It's the perfect size. It's gonna be so nifty.

    I will be sure to keep you posted. I have to work tomorrow (they called me in (I thought I was finally gonna get a holiday)) so I might not get as much done as I thought I was gonna but I still should make an insane amount of progress.
  6. Here's a little update. Still alot to be done. My drill bits were the wrong sizes so I have to go back to work and pick out new ones tomorrow.


  7. Here's the near complete design. It just has to be painted white, and have fans installed. Doesn't look too bad in my opinion. Just a note, there are 2 full spectrum grow lights and 2 daylight deluxe bright white lights with more blue spectrum. Should work.

    Edit: What's different from before is that I didn't have the side drilled in and the hinges drilled in. I think I am gonna also get a rubbermat for the bottom.

  8. Lookin great mate, hope you have great luck and a perpetual harvest cycle started 8 ).

  9. Thats pretty kick arse man. Makin new stuff for the growroom is fun. I have made all of my growroom and I am not a carpenter by any means. Great job man. gm714
  10. Nice man! ;)
    Long time no see y'all!
    Ill be updating my thread in the next few days!
    Keep us posted Swaenk!

  11. I deffinitely will keep you posted. Since I bought a few things I don't have enough cash for the fans yet. The paint will be done before I germinate my new seeds :D. This box is quite a bit of work. It keeps heat in so well witch is lame.

    Thanks for the posotive input everyone. I will be sure to check out your thread celticweedlover.
  12. Well today I was really ambitious. I went to Totem Building suplies and purchased a bathroom fan. It's more then perfect, it brings in nice cool air.


    It pulls air in from the front and blows it out through the tube.


    Here it is installed. It's so hawt. Or rather cool! Oh snap?

    Up next is the siding. I decided that I didn't want to go to the trouble of painting it, so I went to the dollar store down the road, and picked up the same shit you would put in your car window. Seems like a good idea to me.


    Here's a disgusting shot of my room as of now, quite sad.

  13. The sun reflcetors didn't work that great, so I moved em to block the light from my window and purchased some cheap white on black. It seems to do the trick.


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