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  1. Well up until yesterday I had been putting my bong rolled up in an XXL tshirt and put in a bag any time i needed to bring it anywhere. It was definitely time for for something more appropriate. I picked up this Vatra bag which fits my little RooR perfectly. This thing is very well padded to carry any small tube. I'd feel comfortable :eek: dropping this thing from shoulder height... should that ever be the case ;) *pun intended*

    It's a really nice looking bag, and pretty discreet looking too. Drawstring holds everything at the top nicely
    Small pocket, holds my downstem, couple pokeys and a lighter
    & everything i keep in this bag. I put my tini slide in that crown royal bag near the footer of my tube.
    I feel alot better about having to bring this tube anywhere now. Much more protected. Do any of you guys use bong bags? If so which ones?
  2. That's all I use are Vatra Bags. Love all the dif materials used for the looks, and some of them are being made w/ more pockets, and deeper ones at that.

    Nice purchase to keep your glass safe.
  3. Yah man right on. I got the all black one. Theese bags are unbelievable. There soft enough to be pillows ahah
  4. Vatra rules
  5. my wife custom makes glass bags, hand made is better than any of that pre-made stuff.
  6. that sounds pretty cool, u got any pictures of them?
  7. Sorry to be a bit off topic, but what are those metal things in the last picture for?
  8. Yes, yes I do, but I can't find them on my iPhoto. I think I posted one already here, I'll have to find it.
  9. Yep I have one for just about every bong, but I usually leave the downstem in on straight tubes and put the slide in the pocket. One for my Illy, a small one for my Lux, and another for my stemless mini tube. Investment is worth it for sure, definatly a must have for anyone with decent glass.
    Do you just carry that around in public or put it in a backpack?

  10. I'd like to see that, thats pretty interesting

    Those are just a couple little metal pokeys. My LHS gives them away for free with purchases and stuff. Pretty useful tool to have

    I figure if I'm just jumping in the car, this bag is perfect, however I think walking around the city / taking the subway or bus that I'd put it in a backpack. It fits conveniently enough in my daily driver backpack too
  11. I'm still looking for pics of the Bong Bag that she made for one of our 18" Bongs out of a pair of old pants...I know I have at lease one, I just can't find it dammit. I'd take new pics, except I can't find the bag either. it's around here SOMEWHERE.

    Meanwhile, here's pics of a couple of the Volcano Carrying bags she's made.

    I also meant no disrespect to the OP's new bag, it's mighty nice looking.

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  12. Oh, I have seen these pictures before. That'd be a perfect bag for my 'cano ;)
  13. The Tie-Dye red one is available still. PM me if you are interested in purchasing it, I have no problems shipping to Canada.

    Yeah, they are pretty nice if you like to travel with your Volcano. Looks like a makeup case or a hat box.
  14. Makes me feel old... When i was younger we wouldnt dare walk around with our bong in a bag.....

  15. How young does it make me look? lol :rolleyes:
  16. I've been thinking about getting a bag. I'd be willing to commission your wife to make me a bag big enough to fit my 18'' bong and ashcatcher. I'd much rather purchase a hand made bag then a factory preset bag. Also i'd suggest that you and your wife look into posting your crafted items on Etsy.. there is definately a market out there for this sort of thing. :) peace
  17. vatra bags are the shit. mine's blue corduroy
  18. how much was the bag?

  19. I've got to second this. Every time I try to buy a bag off of their website, I get $0.00 as the total and eventually give up trying to buy one.
  20. I paid $34CAN, pretty good deal I thought.

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