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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by needflhigh, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. So on friday I go and order myself a vaporizer, I figured I am smoking at least once a day, most days more. So I take the plug for cleaner, healthier smoking experience. I went and paid for the expedited shipping as well, so I could smoke faster with it.

    Anyway it comes in the mail today. WOOOHOOO!!! Wait, not so fast mister. I open up the box, and here it is the wrong color. Ok not terrible but sucks. Then it is all scratched and looks like it was used and shit, ok getting worse. Then the fuse portion will not open, there is no fuse to be seen in the box, per directions, so I plug it in to see if it works and still nothing. And it is missing their so called freebies from the box as well. UGH!!!

    Talk about a way to end a shitting day, the only thing getting me though the crap was expecting to try this out today, but o well, what the fuck, to the one shot I go, and waiting for their customer service to get back to me as they close up shop at 3:30, dickheads have bankers hours.
  2. What exactly was this vaporizer?
  3. yea im curious to hear what brand this was, not a vapor brothers?
  4. Where did you buy it from?

  5. Teehee! Plugging weed.:D
  6. Greetings Needflhigh,
    :mad: to hear about your shi... luck, you surely took it a lot better than I would have!! I just resently ordered my very 1st vaporizor I really hope my luck is better than yours:smoking:
  7. What kind of vape did you get?
  8. It is a Digital Easy Vape. They said they sent me the silver cause black is on back order, but could not explain how or why I got it in the shape I did or why it did not have everything. You have to only email them for support and the guy on the phone can't help you.

    I am not sure if we are allowed to post other vendors names here are we?

    I will add photos in the am of the condition. off to smoke.
  9. ive heard nothing but problems with those, go with a more reputable brand next time ( I have a vb and love it to death)
  10. I almost got a easy vape but then i found da buddha i would highly recommend it if your still looking to get another vape
  11. contact the seller and send it back! see if they will send you another one, if you get you money back consider getting a Da Buddha instead of another easy vape. I got a da Buddha recently, and I love it, it's really simple and straight forward, plus you can get super baked on very little weed.
  12. Update: I have been going back and forth for a week now trying to get this straighten out. I think I finally got it done as I talked to the owner.

    The customer service guy wanted me to pay to ship back as they do not give out RMA's. Well thank god for my amex accounts. As soon as I pulled out I would contact amex dispute the charges, and not send them back their broken, machine he told me to hold on. That is when I got Rob the owner. Much much much better person to talk to and reasonable. I will have my new vap sent out to me on monday when his new shipment comes in, and it will all be expedited. I will keep you all informed..

    Reason I went with this is it was cheap, i never used one before and needed something to try it out with. IF it works well I will use it for a few months then buy a mac daddy one. :)

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