My New Vacum Cleaner Is Bad-ass !!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. IT MAY SOUND FEMININE of me me to say this. but it's a EUREKA, '' the boss'' is the name of it,,, it just sucked decades of grime out of my carpet,,,,,

    it sucked so awesome, as a guy i ran it down the tile in the hall-way,,, and spun it thru the bathroom's tile. and this bastard just made the dustpan,,, and broom absolete....... it sucked my whole tile area clean....

    it truly is '' the boss'' .... hey for a single guy my, little hut is very clean & tidy,,,,,

    just so proud of this new purchase,,, plus im a little buzzed,, and this is the first time i took it for a spin,,,, and im exited,,, by the result's !!!!!!!!!!:cool:
  2. dont get any funny ideas with all that sucking power
  3. haha,

    I got excited over my new vacuum cleaner as well.

    Mines a Bissel PowerForce. It's great- no bags, 3 washable filters and 1 small hepa filter that must be replaced. And it comes with a cool turbo brush- it has bristles that rotate, great for vacuuming the furniture.


    I'd love to have a dyson- those things are quite nice, but way to expensive.

    A vacuum cleaner is something a guy can be excited over I think- I mean, it has a motor and belts in it.

    Not like your talking about how awsome your swiffer sweeper is.
  4. I have a turboforce too. thats a kick ass vacuum.

    I actually knew a kid in high school who got funny ideas about the vacuum. it didnt end well, and his name all through high school was hoover
  5. shit maybe this will turn into the ''thread'' , where us men can brag about our vacum cleaners.....

    i dont think youd click on it if you did'nt feel the same way about your own piece of equipment right ?:D

  6. haha there was this girl in highschool we called hoover, but its jus cuz she sucked dick like a champ
  7. i got some half ass vacuum that don't work for shit.
  8. my mom just bought a vaccum that is almost self propelled, you just get it rolling and it just goes
  9. I need a ROOMBA one that cleans itself. Probably sucks at vaccuming though..
  10. hahaha only we would get excited over vacuums
  11. excellent reply,,, us men and our vacum's.... who needs women,,,, we got things under control. !!!!!:cool:
  12. Man, I used to work in a VCR/Vaccum store back in the day where we fixed both and got em free and fixed em up and sold em.

    So i know ways to fix shit up.

    My vaccum right nows a good 15 years old. Thing sucks up so good, I got alot of sand under my carpet(wood floor) (long story) but this thing sucks the sand right through the carpet and shit. Ive worked on it so many times, Like every week it needs a tuneup haha.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ a vacum cleaner mechanic... i done heard it all now ?;)
  14. I gto a yellow vaccum, looks liek a time travel machine :D:D:D lmao some good shit, it gto a littl elight on teh front, its like wtf why is there a light when do i vacum in the dark.
  15. i may have the same vaccum....except mines halfway broken because people dont know what NOT to vac up...

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