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  1. Heres what i picked up today after breaking my other one, its perculated with ice catcher, can use 18 mil or 14 mil, paid 100$, hits amazing with the sweet island skunk!​


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  2. Thats nice, I'm sure some people are gonna hate saying its china-glass or whatever, but i think that is a SWEET buy for $100. If i saw that in a shop while i was shopping for a bong, i would hit that up.
  3. Thats alright, its hits amazing and its not china glass its a legit company its just one of their smaller pipes, i just forget what they are called
  4. Yeah thats basically like my bong as well.
  5. Looks very nice. How does it use either 18mm or 14mm, did it come with an expanding or reducing downstem?

    Also, how's the drag? I think my next bong will be a single perc like that, although maybe a beaker bottom.
  6. Sick piece.

    Even sicker milk shot.
  7. :eek: WHITE LIGHTER!


  8. Haha everyone trips about white lighters.
  9. haha, i have one, but i never use it.

    One time a few friends and i had a nice little sesh, went to go eat wing stop, and while at wingstop, my friend like said he went blind and deaf for a while and he was having like convulsions n stuff, and turns out the weed was laced with Iodine cause it helps preserve it i guess. Then later on, i realized we had used the white lighter.
  10. Ya its got an 18 to 14 downstem so all i would have to so is buy an 18 to 18 downstem. The drag isnt bad although i did get a new ashcatcher thats also perculated so now it hits even smoother, heres the pic

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  11. It's yellow lighters that are the devil. Too many strange, horrible coincidences involving yellow lighter usage
  12. Oh and where'd you snag this OP? I'm from Mile High too

  13. New shop in boulder on the hill, its called High on the Hill lol, but its a sick place they have live glass blowing all the time you can go watch
  14. The Fitter on the hill is where it's at bro lol.
  15. That place is sick
  16. I can almost guarantee that it wasn't laced with iodine. Ive gone blind n deaf for a few min in a restaurant before, but it was just because I smoked a shitload.

    Anyway that milk shot looks sweet, nice tube.

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