My new toy!

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    Picked this bad boy up for $50 at a local head shop. Made by a local artist too. Hits like a monster, but smooth. :smoking:

    Oh also, my hands are enormous, so this pipe is a bit bigger than it seems.

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  2. Oh and this is also my first bubbler. So far im way impressed and in love.
  3. Nice man! Looks sweet reminds me if the beach. What's it's name? This is my bubbler got him around a week ago. Names charmander.

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  4. Nice! It looks like its name. :)

    I don't have a name yet... Hmmmm...
  5. Maybe coral reefer?
  6. Goes along with the beach theme

  7. It has to be... Look at the colors in the glass too when the light hits.

    Coral Reefer it is.

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  8. Holy shit that is one of the most beautiful bubblers I've ever seen. The first two pics looked goo, but that last one was sexy!
  9. Heres a couple more pics with flash

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  10. Wow man I'm loving the blue fumes on it! How does it hit?
  11. i get monster rips on it, and its smooth on the lungs. Very nice. Probably my favorite piece i've ever owned.
  12. Nice man. I'm lovin my piece, got me the highest I've ever been.
  13. Nice man. I hope it doesn't get too dirty. I'm loving my new piece, got the me the most high I've ever been.
  14. I'm gonna clean it often... I like clean pipes
  15. Alright man. Peace, have fun with that guy. Glad I could help name it.
  16. ....AAAAND its broken... :'( I was cleaning it and the bowl snapped. SHE WAS TOO YOUNG!!!

    You will be missed.. <3
  17. Noooooooo!!!!! Coral reefer!
  18. It was poorly made then.

  19. Nope, I did something stupid when I was cleaning it
  20. Coral reefer was born and died in this thread


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