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my new to me bong....and a couple of q's..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420crawler, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Recently, I had a friend pass away due to a car wreck. His mom, knowing we both smoked gave me a piece of his, that is is not too good of shape. The downstem is cracked, and it really, REALLY needs to be cleaned. The downstem isn't an issue, I'll just replace it tomorrow afternoon. However, the base is covered in that nasty scaley(is this a word???) film, and I can't get it matter what i do.

    Anyone with ideas? Also, I'm a total noob to the site...but not smoking, and I plan on enjoying my stay here in the city:wave::smoke:

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  2. what have you tried so far to get it off?
  3. Alcohol and salt, hot water and oxyclean, denture tablets, soap and water, and coca cola. as of right now i have nothing good to scrub it with.....but when i got get a new downstem here in a few gonna grab a brush and see what i can do.
  4. wow. ur best is to get some foam cleaner froom a carwash or something. industrial glass cleaner, ammonia. then thoroughly rinse...
  5. I've found that the 420 brand works really well. Get the daily use kind.
  6. When i have a piece that iso and salt won't clean, i don't know health risks whatever but at grocery stores they have steel wool like stuff on a wand looking thing and it has never failed. Then theres always the long tedious process of manually scraping to shit out of your piece with a billion paper clips but that just sucks unless you smoke resin. I despise resin.

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