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  1. hey blades



    Stay up gc
  2. im diggin the tatoo man
  3. im guessing not:p

    cute tattoo, though
  4. haha thanks! but i am a girl

    thanks and thankss!!

  5. Peace on earth! nice.
  6. Simple but classic, a very good choice
  7. great. now you can never wear a skirt or shorts at any job that doesn't allow tattoos. That may not matter to you now, but it might affect you in the future. Don't people think about that when they get tattoos? My GF has to wear long sleeves at work because she thought it would be a good idea to get some stars tattooed on her arm. Oh, well.

    A peace sign tattoo does not bring greater peace to the earth. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    On the other hand, you may never have to work for your money, then the tattoo wouldn't be a problem.
  8. yo dude either that or she could work some where chill like a head shop or something...they dont care man. Think logically before you attack people. Nice tat and i like your bracelets:smoke:
  9. Love the tat, I'm planning on getting a peace sign for my next one and i leaning towards putting it on my calf but i haven't decided yet...
  10. Dude, wtf? I'm sure it was hard enough for her to decide to get a tattoo already, cheezum crow you're a party pooper.
  11. You are by far the most negative person I have seen of this board.
  12. Sweetness!
  13. So she's supposed to work at a head shop for the rest of her life? That's really thinking ahead. What part of my post was illogical? I even shared a real life experience where a nice tattoo had a negative effect on the wearer.

    Dude, your negativity is bringing me down. I'm not here to hold your hand. I just call them like I see them.
  14. i like it.. simple and gets the point across
  15. '
    You sir are a tard

    but by all means carry on doing what people tell you to do

  16. Yeah they do, and they make a decision that is not the same as yours. bfd.
  17. hey guys, thanks for all your support. I've been planning on getting this tattoo since i was 14 and I finally got around to it four years later. In response the person who thinks it will affect me negatively later in life... im attending college to become a web designer and hope to work for myself or work for a small company or work with a partner, no big corporations. If its a place that is not accepting of my tattoo then its most certainly not a place for me.

    I did not choose this tattoo because i wanted to bring peace to earth. It symbolizes more then this, alot more. It symbolizes peace in my life and peace in my surrounding.

  18. wow, if you dont have anything positive to say, get tha fuck outta here.
  19. It was just an example BRO. I never said she had to spend her whole life doing it. And really if all your gonna do is be negative why are you even here?

    You obviously dont understand the meaning of her tattoo..

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