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my new stuff! haha! YUMMY PICS!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by carrascopa, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Got ahol of a strain called suger booger.. heres the pics and yes it is fire!! Betterhan any headies or purp I have smoked a good indica/sativa mix Id say! Good head high, with good couch lock too.. Im very pleased.

    price for this stuff in my neighborhood is bout $500-$600 an oz depending on who you r on the food chain I suppose

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  2. looks coo. id rather have two zips of some dank though for that price
  3. Looks pretty decent... if i saw it in person and was happy, id prolly throw down some extra cash.

    lol always seems to be some random string in meh macro shots... looks that way for u too? lol
  4. looking good but the price is just wrong for me. lol never pay double price on an ounce, cause i can get dank nug for 240 an O.
  5. i dont get it?? I can get dank nug for $240 an oz too, but this is 1 or 2 hit straight to the head high as fuk potent! an 8th lasts me n my girl 2 days, as opposed to the quarter a day smokers we are when we are smoking regular dro/dank
  6. thats some nice looking booger man
  7. looks good but way overpriced.
  8. A Qp of that is 700 here.
  9. At first glance that stuff looks like the Sand blasted crap they're gettin in Euro

    nice bud though, little steep but the price of rice is different everywhere you go.
  10. looks like some good stuff man :):smoking:
  11. word, if i was payin ur prices i wouldnt smoke. you need to find a new connect :wave:
  12. Oof, that bud looks good enough to...smoke haha so high rite now people. 4 fat bolls outta pip the pipe waaaaa.
  13. looks bomb, i hope its worth the price

  14. its def not the sand blasted bollocks
  15. jeez, i didnt even know an ounce could even BE that much. but great looking bud :)
  16. That looks like some dank, but I'd never pay close to that much.
  17. Looks like some great bud, buy the zip!
  18. He said Quarter pound, not an ounce.
  19. Nice budddd budddd +rep
  20. Nice bud, looks like some of the herb that I've seen come out of B.C. I dunno why, but those Canadian nugs always look more compact and more crystally than the fluffy buds that are floating around in America ... anybody know why this is? What do they do differently to get such dense looking nugs? Maybe it's a strain thing, I dunno.

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