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My New Stemless Tube (pix)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Phat-Toi, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Ive had it for a while but i havent shown it to you guys (bout 3wks)

    20" stemless Og Glass Bong. A blower named Boston made it. I must say it rips very nice and it filled the void of my broken Phx.

    I just got my phx back, Sadly i dont have pix of the new Bistabil Joint they put. That shit is thick. Looks and hits better than NEW. So yeah. I had a koo time meeting the blowers and Blazing with them. They had some real nice inlines and other shit but i gots to wait for my next piece. Got bills to pay:(

    Seshing it up with my Repaired tube right now and im feeling NICE. Guna order some food now.

    Lates Gc:smoking::smoking:

    My bros and i are bout to chill. Food on me
    Got 3 pastrami cheeseburgers. I havent had one in a while. 1 for each and some fries. This seasoned stoner is OFF <3

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  2. Good to hear about the fix.
    Dank stemless looks delicate though.
  3. That thing is pretty tight, man. Good pickup.
  4. thats a sick tube bro!
  5. another fine tube added to your collection bro! congrats on the pickup and the nice sesh with a few dank blowers. glad to hear your phx is up an running again, i know i love mine to death. i just got done using it like 30 minutes ago! dank pickup man and stay blazed! lata
  6. FUck, im Stuffed. That pastrami cheeseburger was GOOD. If you can, try one. well at least the spot down here makes em good.

    YEah the phx is fixed and its got a MEAN JOINT. Glad to have her back, i broke the joint this past november, i remember cuz i didnt get to use it on thnksgiving haha. Im going to take better care of her this time.

    Bout to have another sesh and chill until the Laker game.

    The stemless is nice too. It has no drag and rips real good.
  7. hey phat nice tubes. that stemless is sick.

    where you at in socal, im lvin in socal too
  8. Awesome tubes man Stemless ftw.

    One day I'll get up to posting my pieces. I have two stemless pieces now. A fathead and a custom OG, same blower as yours. They are wonderful pieces aren't they? The one I have looks really delicate, but it is pretty thick. I can't tell, but is that piece diffused?
  9. The stemless isnt diffused. Just the big whole at the bottom that gives a good chug with almost no drag. Its pretty easy to clean. The Phx is diffused though, still hits smooth as ever and im glad the guys brought her back to life. Plan on getting something else from them soon.
  10. what does stemless exactly mean? could you tell if its stemless just by looking at it?
  11. That's awesome man. Yeah, my stemless as of now isn't diffused either, but the water bubbles so much at the elbow that it doesn't really matter. It really is a smooth smoke. Yeah, they are super easy to clean too, being all one piece besides the bowl.

    And a stemless means that the water pipe is all one piece, instead of having a downstem that you can remove, you have an L shape connected to your normal piece. I have a photo of my fathead:


    See how it's all one piece besides the ash catcher? as opposed to a normal piece with a down stem that can be removed, I put food coloring in my lux when I took a photo, but you get the idea:

  12. Its a nice change from stemless to perc. Nice fathead. They look pretty much the same haha minus the zong shape. I like the zong shape alot. It doubles as an ice catcher and splashgaurd. Im hitting the phx right now, guna break up some more kush and get ready for the Laker game.

    I like those stacked 1 piece a/c's
  13. Wow nice, I cant believe someone else actually has OG glass. I have a stemless 22" OG gong.

  14. did you get your phx fixed locally?
  15. YEs i got my phx repaired locally. That said i couldnt be happier. Im ripping it right now on a nice saturday morning. Our cats patrolling the yard, birds is chirping and the dodo is getting burned.
  16. Damn nice collectoin of bongs you've got there.

  17. yo same thing happen to my bong the stem broke is there anyway i can get it repaired if so how?
  18. I just got this bong yesterday night. Its a QG stemless bong, more like a zong. this is the first ive heard about stemless bongs. It hits like a champ and has a sick desighn. Check it out $200.[​IMG][​IMG]

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