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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by gr0wer, May 11, 2003.

  1. Check this stealth veg box out. Its in a r/c car box thats been sitting in my room for 5+ years.

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  2. This is what i made to replace the inside foam box its made of 1/2 ply,I painted it white on the inside and black on the outside, used caulking to seal all the joints, and mounted a dayton fan on the back.

    The dayton fan is loud if you plug it in, you could hear the air rushing and the motors bearing whining from the load. I was playing with it to see how to make it quiet and when i put my hand over the inlet and only allowed some air to go though it took alot of the load off the fan, The bearings got quiet and there wasnt as much air going through it so there isnt a sound of rushing air off the blades. So how i mounted it is i silicon glued it to the box with a 9/16 hole in the middle to restrict air. Today i made a venturi going to the inlet to quiet the air hiting the sharp edge of the hole that was slightly whisteling (bit anal). Also I took a piece of paper and made a duct so the air would be sucked from the top of the box because when i came home tonight the thermometer in the box said 98* :O, The room temp was 85* (no a/c) and fan venting the box was turned down too low.

    As of now i have one 19 watt 1100 lumen bulb but i am buying another 2 and installing them on monday. It works but the 2 plants flex to it because i put one on either side, the baby getting more of the light.

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  3. Heres my babies ones almost 4 weeks (more like 2.5)and ones 3 days. The 4 week old was in bad soil, small pot, and weak yellow floro bulb light for the first 2 weeks. It was stuck on the first node for 2 weeks! Then i bought a better light a "daytime" floro 1100 lumens, 19 watt. I also bought, poting soil, and bigger pot, and its been growing good.

    I need another 2 bulbs to distribute the light better now that im groing a second plant. Im going to get another lights 2 in on monday making 3300 lumens total wich is more than enough. As you can see they are bending for the light, so i rotate every 12 hours.

    The clay pot is 4.5" wide for scale. The node that spread out yesterday has 5 leaves :D

    total cost so far including the 2 bulbs im going to buy,

    free seeds
    $4 poting soil, big bag
    $24 3 floro bulbs
    $1 pot
    $5 used dayton fan
    free scrap wood
    free paint
    $34 :D

    Having weed to smoke at the end, priceless! :D


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  4. Forgot to mention this isnt my grow box its a veg box. I will be making a 4' widex4 long'x4' deep grow box in my basment (stealth also) within the next 2 months.
  5. why did you use that big ass dayton when a comp fan would be quieter, smaller, and cheaper?
  6. I ask myself the same question. This was the weak link that busted this grow. I pused the box too far under my bokself and the fan was touching the back wall of the shelf my mom heard the nois and came up to invesigate. I think the main reason is im a stoner and lazy :p. I shoud have used 2 small ass computer fans in series (celtic :p). And i didnt buy the fans for this, i bought if for sucking welding fumes out of my basment, and for venting my sandblaster. I only payed $15 for 3 so the computer fans would have been more.
  7. Lol :p
    Nice box though,
  8. yeah, and why did you put 1/2" ply in there, i'm sure the carboard would be fine
  9. Man you guys shure a re a pain in my ass! :p
    I go with the motto better off with overkill then under. I wouldnt want the humidity to bring down the box with all the lights hanging from it. Also it woundnt be as soundproof. And the price was also a factor" free scrap wood" :D
  10. OK free scrap wood is a different story, NM:)
  11. Hows the smell?
  12. you cant be serious

  13. The same fucking thing happened in my closet grow... piece of crap fan got unbalanced and started banging against the wall when I was at work. Parents were ok with the grow untill that happened now about $200 and a month into the grow are in the garbage. ARGH. Sucks we both got caught because of fans lol.

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