My New Slide is Bleeding!!!

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  1. Just picked up this slide today... I got the stand thrown in for free as well. The inside of the bowl is done with amber glass, and the white part glows BLOOD RED when you rip it!! :D:bongin::smoking:



  2. How much did that run you? Was it blown by a local artist?
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    Yes actually, I was told it was blown by a guy who is from right around the shop I go to. It was marked at 60, got it for 55... guy threw in the stand for no charge. :smoking:
  4. I wanna see it bleed post a vid man looks real nice tho

  5. My camera is pretty old but I'll see what I can do. No promises.. but if anything I'll throw up a milkvid :smoking:
  6. sweet fucking deal man.
  7. Yeah... it's not happening with this crap camera. It's either way too dark or way too bright. So instead... milkvid!

    [ame=]RooR Milkvid[/ame]
  8. Pretty beast price dude. Nice pick up.
  9. I want that
  10. good deal, man!

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