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Discussion in 'General' started by youngbeast817, Aug 29, 2008.

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    It's now live!!!! I have a few forums up, and a few topics, so come post!

    This will be a developing thread. Thanks to ALL blades who helped me so far.

    Besides the forums(obviously gotta have that)On the front page, users can post interesting topics or news , tutorials etc.. and if they are approved by mods(we will have many(trusted ones) to keep this in control) they will appear in blog form but organized like an online library if you can understand that
    Featured ones (soon we will add videos , pics ya know stuff like that and also the community can comment on and discuss each thing)
    Think Newgrounds and their flash portal, DONT think eBaumsworld LOL.
    Wait now that I think about it it should be newgrounds style. Like the community can choose to approve the thread/article/vid/pic/Wahtever or get it the hell outa here LOL.

    We will have "test forums" at the request of users or every once in a while.
    If these test forums get a certain amount of activity we keep them, if not we hold a poll and if voted No they are gone

    This isn't the permanent style. We have smoke_ALL working on our own unique style that will be more welcoming and inviting. This is only a reference design to show how it will work(the Web 2.0 Look)

    We're aiming for a social Web 2.0 forum completely social everything is integrated with the community.. tired of having to go to all these different forums and crap(besides GC of course) just because they are set on one exact topic


    Webhosting(free for now, getting a .net later)
    Forums installed
    Theme settled

    Need to do:
    Get some trusty moderators(got a few)
    Make some forum topics(think of some new original ones)
    Install phpBB hacks/mods to enhance
    Install the portal - for the articles, vid pics etc.. thing like I mentioned above
    I'm going to install a hack that lets users edit their own profiles sort of Myspace style, but integrated with the forums.

    Mods = Bleezie King, and smoke_alot but since I moved the site everyone has to sign up again ;( sorry lol

    Forums = suggest some, since this is a community website and I only want what the people want

    Website General = It's not that I dont have the money to pay for a domain(5 dollars lmfao) it's that I need to see if this will succeed or not then I get a .net as is already taken by domain buyers/resellers.

    Suggest ANYTHING

  2. BUMP.

    Come on help me i know you're all smoking ya blunts and shit but all you gotta do is type man damn

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    I don't think so, champ. Not with free hosting.

    How old did you say you were again?
  4. Hell, I'll be a mod.

    Edit: What kind of content were you looking for?
  5. Hahaha. Did you at all read the original post? GTFO, nobody wants you here.

    I quote :

    Webhosting(free for now)
    Forums installed
  6. Basically a web 2.0 site where everyone can come enjoy BUT
    dont want it to turn into myspace or 4chan
  7. Why?

    Webhosting is cheap.
  8. You know what, good luck. ;)
  9. I enjoy a challenge :p

  10. I'm going to give you so much shit when this site falls through, I hope you know that. :smoking:
  11. not bad so far.

    I do no nothing about creating websites tho. what kind of forum will it be, just a general place where people can vent?
  12. Yes, I know.
  13. You're thinking on the right road but the thing is

    many have tried this and failed. also many have tried this and =win TOO much (myspace forums overcrowded unorganized and bullshit) (4chan every thread 404's in like 10 minutes)

    What we're trying to do is organize this and not have it to crazy.
  14. New update: come to the site it now OWNS.
    I'm serious, check out the new style also,

    bleezie king is mod + smoke alot and smoke a lot will do graphic work so he can change that ugly banner at the top lol but they are both probably sleep lol so
  15. watch and this sites gonna make millions and Im going to be kicking myself in the ass for not being apart of while I could of. :laughing:
  16. what?? bro you can still join
  17. I'll help you if I can bro, but I dont know shit about all that stuff.
  18. k bro, to put it simply it's a social community, but organized
  19. lets take this to pm and we'll talk ;)
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