My New Single "This is For the Music" I'm a producer

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  1. I'm a producer at WVU, workin with a couple people but this one is all me.

    Feedback is appreciated, positive or negative.

    I'm also looking to collab with anyone.

    [ame=]YouTube - This is For the Music[/ame]
  2. the more like this song your song is, the more successful it will be

    [ame=]YouTube - la roux - bulletproof[/ame]

  3. Not sure what ya mean after listening to that one...
  4. essentially it's the catchiest song i've ever heard and it's kinda blowin up on itunes and the radio atm
  5. haha i feel ya. it's definitely catchy.
  6. yo i like the song i think it has a pretty sick beat...keep at it man
  7. LOL

    OP, The beat wasn't bad, but your flow is weak, man. You sound like you smoked a blunt to the face and then recorded this alone in your room. You gotta feel what you're rapping, feel me? More enthusiasm and those rhymes you did will sound 10x better. Not trying to bash you or anything, I just felt you wanted honest opinions.

  8. Na man I appreciate comments like that more than anything. I'm primarily a producer and make songs when my artists are busy haha.

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