My New Single Perc Glass Bong

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    so, today I decided to go to a local head shop of mine in toronto to get my first glass piece. yesterday, i posted a thread about an orange roor beaker they had for $120. well, i decided I wouldn't get that, because while it was very nicely made, it just seemed like it must be fake, as the deal was too good to be true.

    so instead, i got this 20 inch percolated glass bong. i absolutely love it, it is the best piece i've ever used.

    the percolator is a single tree, with three diffused stems. the tube is 5 mm thick, with a thick mouthpiece. it is a simple clear straight tube, and it's exactly what i was looking for.

    this is it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    nice long diff stem

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    three stemmed tree perc, mmm...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i ended up getting this for $95.

    what do you think?
  2. Yeah, that's a good deal, man.

    I'd hit it.

    My bong cost one hundred bucks, and it wasn't a tree perc; just a dome perc. Yours is kickass.
  3. That's a sexy bong, where'd you get it? I'm up in Newmarket and thinking about headin' down to pick up some new glass, my no name bong's just not doin' it for me anymore.
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    thanks guys

    darksmoke, i got it at a tobacco shop with a sign that just says 'tabac' on yonge, just north of grosvener st.
  5. Aight man, thanks. Might go check it out.
  6. Noce pick up, mind if I ask how much?
  7. i ended up getting this for $95.

    what do you think?[/QUOTE]
  8. the male joint is 18.8 mm, and i want to get an ash catcher to go along with it.

    the shop owner told me he was out of 19 mm ash catchers, but in 2-3 weeks, he'll have one for $25 or a percolated one for $35.

    i might go all out and get the percolator a/c :)
  9. The perc leads me to believe it is Chinese, but for the price I think it's a good buy.
  10. chinese usually isnt gonna give you something that thick, but i agree the perc looks a little sloppy perhaps. For 95 bucks though, still a steal for what looks like a solid daily driver
    good looks
  11. Who cares, it's a fucking badass looking bong.

    Nice buy OP.
  12. That looks pretty close to my bong i had smash by the popo.
    Happy blazing:smoking:
  13. whoops wrong person quoted, misunderstood

    Let's see a milk shot
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    thanks dudes.

    it rips reaaaaal smooth like...

    As requested, click here for the milk vid AND this hit happens to be it's christening, as well!
  15. Great deal, but don't expect that perc to be bulletproof haha. But it's still better than buying that fake roor :p
  16. I would've gone with the roor and posted some pics here to see if it was legit (before purchase).

    It may be a good deal for $95 (maybe?) but it's definitely an import from China. The tree isn't centered on the tube and the arms lean in hard. I'd be very very careful with your piece if you want that perc to last. Also make sure if you put in ice that every cube is big enough that it doesn't slip past the pinches onto the perc. You could easily break an arm with a rogue ice cube.

  17. I know on the third picture, it really looks like the arm in front leans in, but that's an illusion, weird camera angle i guess. there is equal space between the arm and tree at the top and bottom of each arm... it's all vertical.

    I understand your concerns though for the perc in general. But let's see how it holds up. So far as I've said, the whole bong has been great.

    I really felt strange about the roor, it was a really nice piece and all, I was just really intrigued when I saw the one I bought on the shelf.

    Since I purchased this (yesterday afternoon) and now, it has treated me very nicely :hello:
  18. That's good to hear. Upon further thought, even w/o a perc that piece is easily worth more than $95. Enjoy man...
  19. does anyone know/like the song/band playing in my milk vid?
  20. Nice pick up for sure. But like sinsemillapleas said be really careful with those percs. They break really easily. Vibrations will cause them to go Kaboom. Nice milk vid too.

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