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    Hey guys, I just finished this today and painted all 4 sides with white latex paint so the light will reflect, If anyone has any advice too make it better that would be great, Thanks.

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  2. Hm that's pretty interesting.
    Are you using the water bottles as a hydro system?
    Looks good though, drop in a fan and you'd have a pretty good system.

    Let us know how it works out. GL
  3. No I just got all the empty water bottles out of my recycling and filled them with tap water then let them sit open for a week to get all the chlorine out then recapped them, its just for watering haha, Thanks though, I am trying to incorporate another light in there but I dont know where I could put another one so it would be on the plant.
  4. Drill some holes in that plywood and hang a power strip with some CFL's plugged in using some adapters. That would give you plenty of light. ;)
  5. you need airflow
  6. how can i get airflow in there? just get a normal fan and put it on facing the plant.
  7. would this be sufficent for airflow??
    [ame=""] O2Cool 1041 5" Batter/Electric Fan: Home & Garden[/ame]

  8. I like cheap oscillating fans personally. They are cheap (as mentioned) and I like to keep the air moving in different directions. Looks like a good setup, you probably have room to hang some t5s in there :smoking:
  9. Okay yea im probably gonna get that fan and hook it up in there, does anyone have any other suggestions? would putting a top on that be a good idea??
  10. get a fan that can oscilate(move from side to side) less chance for hot spots....
  11. okay ill look for one of those, but will i really have room to put on of those in there? I could always make it bigger, this is my first attempt at any of this stuff so I know its not good but Im just trying to learn.
  12. i use 2 oscillating fan in each or my rooms. a stand-up one and a oscillating table fan(look for) 10 to12inches, 20bucks or so.....just put it on a box or something....
  13. What are we looking at? A plant with a light on it? I think you should go back to the drawing board. You haven't addressed anything really. Not to be rude, I know your excited, and we all started somewhere, but seriously. You haven't addressed...

    Lighting - Get something decent, or don't do it at all.
    Venting - Cut a hole in the ceiling buy a vortex fan, blow out to the attic.
    Smell?? (It gets REALLY smelly) Use ozone to rid the smell.

    What's with the lock on the bottom? That just makes me want to get in there if I seen that. Why not just put a false wall inside your closet and lock that and leave your door inconspicuous. Lock or no lock, someone can see the light through those cracks. If you can't do any of the above, DON'T GROW, it won't work.

  14. Word... If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. And failing with weed will either cost you money or jail time.
  15. Bah, you are going to fuck up your first grow anyway..... but damn you will be proud when you harvest. Keep rockin what you have and upgrade as you go along. I have thrown plants out in my backyard garden after thinking they were dead and still got a couple ounces.... the stuff will grow anywhere...... just give it the opportunity to.
  16. okay guys thanks for the advice
  17. Dude your alright,Just get some more lights and a fan and you'll produce,if only an oz or 2 at least you got something for your effort and experience under ya belt and you'll do better next time
  18. I wouldn't give up or anything when I was like 14 I grew plants under a heat lamp like a jackass. They stretched out and were not bushy at all I got them to flower and only got a few grams, but it was an experience. I'm getting ready for a little more legit grow under some CFL's just to see what happens. Good Luck
  19. That is what it is all about. I wish I had a pic of my first grow. I bought 2 70w HPS security lights and tossed some bag seeds in dirt. I ended up with 3 plants that looked like the Charlie Brown christmas tree lol. I got a couple oz of the worst tasting bud on the planet but damn was I proud :)
  20. I just spent the past hour painting another sheet of plywood with white latex paint and I got some hinges and put the sheet on top to make it a box not just an enclosing, I am gonna go get a fan tommorow and put it in there, do you think that this will be enough? Thanks for all the support guys

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