My New Setup, Coffee Mug Bowl

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  1. Just got a coffee mug bowl along with a carbon filter. I splurged a little and took a risk... I actually noticed a smoother smoke using the filter, and yes I still got high :) - It's sitting on a vertigo stem line along with ufo - my favourite bong so far!

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  2. the coffee mug bowl ruins it
  3. haha i am digging this setup
  4. I like the coffee mug bowl, I want one now man.
  5. [quote name='"Hater"']the coffee mug bowl ruins it[/quote]

    Dont listen to this "hater," lol its pretty cool
  6. Lol I like the bowl man. :bongin:

  7. what the?
  8. [quote name='"Hater"']

    what the?[/quote]

    do you like trolling every thread? you sound like your 10...

    edit: nice setup btw like the coffee mug slide
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    Oh yea because someone who is 'trolling' sounds 10. Read my name.

    Name calling is not tolerated here. Mat369
  10. [quote name='"Hater"']

    what the?[/quote]

    Ha I see what you did there :laughing:

    It's a good thing I'm a chick, huh? ;)

  11. sure is ;)
  12. Hater, I respect your opinion, but just leave it at that and don't hijack a thread...

    Thanks guys for the positive input. The coffee mug cracks me up. It's perfect for wake and bake! It's not your typical heady psychedelic piece - so that's the main reason I'm so excited about it. It's just different.
  13. I stand by my post, I like it. :)
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    I think that slide is dope! How do you like that vertigo btw? Any milk shots?

    Edit: and why do you have a joint converter on there?
  15. the bowl is racist hahaha

  16. Dude, shut up. If you don't have anything intelligent to say, the just be quiet.

    Sick bowl man! Now you just need one of the donut shaped slides!
  17. Lovin the slide man but more so on the tube. I just bought a dirty Rico u can see it in my only thread. Anyway it was between the exact vertigo you have their (well actually red label but same thing) and the dirty Rico. When it came down to it I had to close my eyes and pick it was a real toss up. How are you liking the vertigo the big thing for me was that it wasnt gridded do u notice this having an impact at all? And how do you like that second chamber? Is that the 60 or 65mm can?
  18. That is the best idea ever... that's going to be my next purchase.

    Well, luckily for me I had a friend that has a rather large assortment of glass pieces so I tried the vertigo before I bought one. It hits like a champ.. milking it is not rough whatsoever except maybe a little irritation on exhale. That is without the filter. The carbon filter I added on is a complete game changer. Gridded? I don't know what that means, but it is an incredible piece. I would like to try the Rico side by side haha.

    I love it. The carbon filter adds the PERFECT amount of drag so that it is easy to milk a whole snap and get a nice thick white cloud forming in the whole tube. I'll make a a milk video as soon as I pickup some more bud :)

    --joint converter? the carbon filter is inside that joint

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