My New Series. High A** Prank Calls.

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  1. Here it is, this is my brother who did this one btw. We were all stoned. Includes people geeking out haha. [ame=]High Ass Prank Calls Episode # 2 - Benihana w/ Popeye/David - YouTube[/ame]
  2. lol i enjoyed it, i love prank calls
  3. LMAO. That's funny as shit. "Tight pussy for Tuesday?" "12 people for Tuesday?" Lmaaaao. Gotta chill with the backround laughing though. Subbed, post more as they happen!

  4. Thanks. More will come soon. I'll probs do a couple every week.

  5. Thanks dude, More should come soon enough! Thanks for your opinion on it. :smoke:
  6. Here we go, Since you guys liked the 2nd one so much, heres a brand new one I just finished working on! :D[ame=]High Ass Prank Calls Episode # 3 - McDonalds w/ David/Popeye - YouTube[/ame]
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    omg this shit is hilarious, subbed
    i rarely laugh out loud on my own but i was geeking bahaha
    keep it up man :smoke:

    ...wait a min, wheres number one
  8. It's dumb but here it is[ame=]High Ass Prank Calls Episode #1 - Microsoft - YouTube[/ame]
  9. I did this shit when I was like 12
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    its funny but they should leave lower income workers alone.

    articulately prank big banks or big oil companies or something..

    oh anti-herb propaganda companies would make sense.

    lame to fuck with Mcdonalds crew people id say...

    but its all good. we all had to go there at some point.:eek::smoke:;):p:hello:


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