My New Roor (Pics)

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  1. brand new

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  2. Wow, quite sexy. I like that inline, and the bong is great, single percs are the way to go if you ask me. What's the glass thickness on that bitch?
  3. not trying to be that guy but is that real?
  4. I hope it is, because if it is I want one to go with my Rasta collection. I love the Rasta series. I don't think it's not real (though I'm not experienced enough to judge). I haven't seen one before though, which confuses me because I know the Roor line pretty well. Anyone else have thoughts? Because I def want one.
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    Brand new and FAKE!!!

    That tree chinese no question...the glass looks too thin and when roor was making 3 arm trees there was a total of 3 slits...2 on the side of the tree and one on the bottom.

    How much were you charged?

    Also no splash guard? def fake
  6. not to be a jerk but ive had an ash catcher just like that one ..
    water gets sucked ryte out of it into your bong ..
    ash catcher sucks .. the peice is nice .. but most likely fake
  7. I can confirm that the piece is indeed fake. See if you can get your money back.

  8. Please cite more evidence. I believe you but would appreciate advice on this specific bong, so that my knowledge base in making this kind of determination goes further than just simply having read the sticky guide.
  9. Still a very nice bong. I'm sure it still hits great as well.
  10. oh shit!!!!

    fake bongs wtf man
  11. whatever, I mean I only paid $200 for it so I was guessing it was fake, It is still a great hitting bong for only $200, I love this thing
  12. Looks real to me, not sure what these guys are saying.

    - Pinches look good, right size, right placement, right number of pinches
    - The actual GonG joints look really good, typical roor joints with their classic blocky / scientific looking lip on the female end
    - RooR does indeed use that tree sometimes
    - Signature, not much to say there, looks fine, not the typical copied one
    - RooR doesnt always do a splash guard and one down that low, underneath ice pinches would just be silly. You'd suck ice up into your mouth before you got water all the way up there
    - Logo is the right direction with the right (R) pointing the right way, overlaps in the right places, its the right size for the piece, colors are not out of the ordinary for Roor

    But hey, these guys are "for sure its a fake", so you better trust em ;)
  13. I looked up a bunch of various sites to see how you could spot a fake roor and thay all told me to look for the stuff that you just listed and I didnt see any problems with my bong, but hey theese guys say its fake
  14. Label looks really funky and doesn't look like the real RooR Rasta label, and that's a china perc. I would have to agree with the others in saying that's a fake RooR. Sorry man, i would look into getting your money back and picking something else up but if your happy enjoy it.
  15. You could always get a second opinion on the forums, but it is fake bro.
  16. yeah the main giveaway is two things
    on all rasta roors
    the sig is a single blue dot ahove the joint

    also theres no black lining around the logo like on rasta roors
    and on rasta roors the small R is black

    still a nice lookin bong tho

  17. Not quite, all 3.2mm german roors have the dot sig (with the exception of the Mini Master IIRC). If you get a 5mm or 7mm rasta, it comes with the conventional sig.
  18. obviously the quality of the glass is a factor, but i don't know why people care so much about branding and whatnot, it's a fucking bong, if it hits nice and smooth, who cares about the brand?
    just my thought and i'm pretty high:D :smoking:
  19. Not all Rasta RooR's have a black trademark symbol i've seen a few that have it Rastafarian colored too. But i've never seen a legit Rasta RooR without the black outlining on the RooR label.

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