My new RooR...opinons?

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  1. I bought this RooR last week while on my trip to amsterdam in the Roor store. I havent used it yet because I need to bring it into the US. I paid 300 Euros for it with a 50 Euro discount. Just wanna know what ya'll think.

    Shot at 2011-08-14

    Shot at 2011-08-14

    Shot at 2011-08-14
  2. I looks nice. But if I were spending that kind of money, I would probably go with something with built in percs or other features.
  3. i actually really like the label..
  4. 300 euro = around 700usd no?

  5. I get you dude, but I'm a sucker for RooR haha
  6. Damn man my friend brought the same thing for 180$
  7. Whers the downstem man thats like 50% of the final decision making
  8. yea did you get a downstem and slide with that sucker?

  9. 300 Euros is about 400 USD....I wouldnt have paid 700 USD for that

  10. Yeah I got a downstem with a crowned bowl (blue) but its to nicely wrapped since i need to bring it into the US on wednesday

  11. Yeah I got a downstem with a crowned bowl (blue) but its to nicely wrapped since i need to bring it into the US on wednesday
  12. aww i know the slide your talkin about... did it come with a glass screen?
  13. Percs are lame and they clog up.

  14. yeah it did matching blue notches

  15. I wouldnt go that far, ill take a way larger rip out of my percd bong than you will with your standard tube, for some reason ive never had a problem with my percs clogging :rolleyes:
  16. percs are lame- and clog up.. GOtta love that statement

    I had a manifest- showerhead to 12 arm tree perc, and I LOVED IT- not only the smoothness of the rip, but IT NEVER GOT CLOGGED.... :smoking:

    edit- NICE ROOR OP- i love a classy standard straight tube, takes me back to when i first starting smoking and didnt know SHIT besides beakers and straights, prolly becase thats back when we thought the tree perc was ballin...
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    I like the tube, first of all it has a very nice look to it color/shape ,ect. the blue looks very appealing to the eye xD... but like previously stated up their... for the money needed to buy this piece you could have easily got yourself a toro/SG or some other high quality tube which would be more proficient in functionality for only a little extra money. Personally if i were to by a straight tube like the one you bought, i'd go for a HVY straight tube 22' for $130 or an illedelph straight green label for $280
  18. It's a nice piece of glass, BUT the price seems a little high and if it has no downstem and slide, you got yourself a really nice, but really expensive piece. I like it, but I don't know if I like it 300 euros worth. How heavy is the glass? If it's a 45cm, 5mm or better tube, it may be worth the $$$$$. Is that the custom mouthpiece on it? I really like roors and yours is no exception. I wouldn't mind owning one like it.
  19. thats tight dude i acually really like the lable. and the extra work just adds flare.. 22"?

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