My new roor inline is here!!

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  1. so check this out just got it today, i broke the perc and got an inline put in, its pretty cool, im about to hit it for the first time, ill get some better pics for you guys later :)

    this was done by stone glass works by the way.

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  2. The base looks a little shady but thats what i can tell from the picture, it may be differnet in real life. So they fixed the perc too? Looks good, how much was it to repair and put in inline on?
  3. The perc was already in there ;)
    glad you got this resurrected royale, I unfortunately didn't get to watch Preston fix this one.
  4. But he said he broke the perc, tahts why i was wondering if that was fixed also
  5. i remember the first time i saw one of these. i was so crazed in how they got them. but then i found out it comes with a lose. but always nice to bring back a tube. i'll be checking back for some milks!!!:hello:

  6. Pretty sure it was a triple and now it's a double.
  7. Hmm well i didnt know that, it wasnt mentioned in the original post, also if i am correct it looks like just one perc in there, and a splashguard. Im not trying to argue just to understand.
  8. very cool
    how does it rip
    how stable is it the base makes me worry it could fall over
    still though pretty epic bong
  9. dood happy tokin man! looks awesome, white inline perc looks nuts

  10. a triple = triple chamber aka 2 percs + diffy chamber
  11. how much did it cost? i have 2 big cracks in the bubble bottom and joint of my new piece (28" 5mm double perc no brand), and i am looking to get the same procedure done. also, how did you go about contacting preston?
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    this use to have 2 percs 3 chambers and he cut the bottom perc of because it broke.
    the bese is stable, even with the ash catcher it doesnt feel like its going to fall at all. i do think it looks a little shady. the bong is perfectly straight up even though the base join thing is kinda crooked. im gonna try and make something to put over to look good.
    it hits amazingly, its soo smooth. theres is zero drag even with my roor A/C
    it cost $200
  13. the diffy is actually worked with really cool lines and it really looks good its not just plane white
  14. how much water am i supose to put in the inline?
  15. More then whats in the picture
  16. should i fully emerge the diffy?
  17. anyone know?
  18. Try it, if it seems off pour a little bit out.
  19. Fill it so the water is just above (1-2mm) the top curvature of the inline diffy. From there you can adjust according to preference.
  20. Looks really nice with the A/C man, congrats! Always nice to see a broken bong come back to life :hello::smoking:

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