My new RooR - 4 tree perc - 13" - PICS

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by bostonbuds87, Jan 26, 2009.

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    I just got it this weekend down in Providence. The last Pic is both my RooRs. Ill take milkshots later if i feel like it. lemme know what you guys think.:bongin:

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  2. im diggin the three matching black labels on the tube, diffy, and bowl... awesome bong dude, i love that thing
  3. thx man appreciate it!
  4. I honestly dont like it, the bowl is almost fuckin horizontal!? the other roor looks nice
  5. k i actually got one more pic, using the a/c and diffy from my orange label

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  6. Grats man, i have the exact same bong. A/c is a must, but this things a beezy to keep clean. I suggest getting some real cleaner to leave in overnight every so often.

    but anyways have fun with that thing man
  7. Nice RooR man, be carefull cleaning that thing :smoke:
  8. Nice job on the macro pics.
  9. im with diamond rasta that bowl is fucking horizontal and im really not down with beakers especially this one i feel like its screaming more drag
  10. my thoughts as well
  11. very nice, im a fan of mini bongs, i own one thats a ripoff of yours, same exact design.
  12. Sweet man. I've been trying to find a mini for awhile. I've got a WRX too, what year is yours?
  13. nicce piece bro....i've got the exact same one, but its a lux:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  14. So RooR has two different types of Minis out? 4 arm and 5 arm? black and white label? or is the 4 arm just an older version?

    looks pretty solid
  15. yeah i think with just the bowl it looks goofy but adding that a/c on there def makes it look better. cool pickup man
  16. i got an 06 wrx.......and thanks to everyone else who left a comment!
  17. Nice, last gen's mini, those are hard to come by. I like it, only thing is on the bubble bottoms they don't stand as stable as a beaker. But nice nice find. Like your werx? i got an 08 si.
  18. yeah the beaker is definitely more steady, but hey its always there if the bubble annoys me too much...haha....yeah i <3 wrxs/STIs.....i hate on evos =P
  19. To all the haters.. if the water level set right no there isn't a bunch of drag.

    To Hazey, yea just last seasons model I believe.

    Do you like the way it hits? Does it hold the a/c well? I had the same thing if you saw the pics only with lux tags.

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