My new purchase (hopefully it helps)

Discussion in 'General' started by Hazed, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. good luck with that,

    i havent been pulled over in any situations where a radar detecter woulda helped but its useful nonetheless.

    im bout to invest in a new car security system, its getting nice outside and people get bored at night...(i gotta sleep) heh.
  2. Those are illegal in most places so be careful you don't get caught with it. Here's a little story about that...

    A friend of my uncle had one and was bombing down the highway at 140KPH(the limit is 100 is most of Canada) and his detector went off so he slowed it down. Then after a couple minutes he started going real fast again and the detector went off so he slowed down again. He did this three more times and finally the cop(that he never could see anyway) comes up and pulls him over. The cop comes up to his window and says, "Tell me where your radar detector is and I'll give you a ticket and take it away. If you don't tell me where it is I'll have your car taken apart until we find it, then give you a ticket, take it away, and you can put your car back together." He gave the cop the detector.

    So, if you're going to get one of those make sure you slow down for a good long time if it goes off because cops could be following you anyway. Then you'll get a ticket for speeding and really big ticket for illegal technology.
  3. I wont be stupid and keep re-accelerating after I hit one speed trap. If I do get pulled over it is very small it wont be a prob
  4. yea I love my security sys :) VIPER
  5. I think you may have purchased something isnt quite good enough, especially for Florida where I thought I have read somewhere that the cops are armed with higher hp cars?(ie: camaro) If you really want some coverage in radars and have a bit of cash check out

    Many of the high hp/fast drivers that I know (as well as me, well soon need a bit more $) recommend this as it supposedly one of the best.
  6. Mine is 360 degrees also , itll do the job for me since im in small city areas
  7. bad news is just about any detector other than the valentine 1 or passport 8500 wont alert you of the radar until its entirely too late...when me and my roomates were coming back up to school after summer we were caravanning with motorola talkabout walkie talkie things and i had a friends decently nice supposedly better level detector and my roomates had his v1...there was usually around a 20sec difference on the hilly parts of i75 and up to 35-40 on the flat parts

    not tryin to bust your balls just warning you not to rely on it too much
  8. I have a RD- and I love it. Becareful though, police don't ALWAYS have their radar on and they can use a trigger one. But it has saved my ass many times so it's definatly worth the money. In michigan the law on them is you can have them in any veihical that weights under 25,000lbs.

  9. this is what i got:

    i bought that and the escort 8500X50(red one) and the V1 did as they said, warned a good 3-4 seconds before, i LOVE it, by far best investment i have made in a while. Also got the Viper two way alarm, remote start,keyless entry controller, very good too imo

    this summer im gonna toss out another 200 and get an optional laser scrambler so i cannot be pegged(i am aware that i shouldnt use that when i am the only one on the road but when there are other cars it will be VERY useful)
  10. those things are cool.
    id say definatly worth the money,if your smokn int he car and it signals a cop is near then you know to chill for a second or be on the lookout but dont look to suspicious when you look around.

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