My new progressive band, Check it out!

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  1. Hey guys, my band just threw up our first song, check it out and tell me what you all think!

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    Its got a nice djenty feel to it :)
  2. not to sound rude, but i have always wondered, why screaming? in what universe does screaming into a mic with overly loud and distorted guitars in the background constitute as enjoyable music?

    while this isnt my cup of tea, i could see other people liking this
  3. Well, its all preference. At first I wasn't really into it but it grew on me, but its just really raw and goes well with the style of music. It definitely does take skill, some people just constitute it as "screaming into a mic" but it definitely is way more complex than that. There's nothing wrong with distortion, as its been used in music for over half a century. That being said, if you aren't into that style, I understand why you may not like it at first glance.
  4. It's an aquired taste.
    Not everyone's gonna like it.
    Actually, screaming is a very hard talent to master, and I respect people who can, but everyone thinks music that involves screaming is some emo shit about killing eachother and yourself, well it's not.

    Anyways, I feel like this kind of metal is getting old IMO.
    It's not that hard to make music out of it, all you need is a screamer, some chugging, and a double bass.

    IMO it's 15 mins of fame is just about over.
  5. All we need is a screamer, chugging, and double bass? Man I wish it was that simple.

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