My new Pit Bull puppy.

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  1. This is Rex. And he is awesome. Sorry the pics aren't the best, I wanted one of his face but he was tired. He's 5 weeks old. I know you shouldn't have then this young but my sister disregards this and bought him at 3 weeks old. And her being the person she is, kept him for 2 weeks and wanted to get rid of him so I took him. Just to ensure he went to a good home. So blades say hi to Rex! ( also sorry if the pics don't work, uploading pics can be a pain on the app sometimes)

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  2. Dig 'im.

    I've never, ever met a pit. But stuff like this makes me want to.
  3. They're very sweet dogs when they're raised with love and respect. But also firmly.

  4. Pit bulls are very cool dogs an super smart . Most people I know fear pit bull because of the dumb owners . Out of bulldogs pitbulls are my favorite breed .:wave:
  5. Pits are my favorite breed. They are so sweet and loyal and playful and smart. And gorgeous! It sucks that they have a bad rep here. Sometimes you can't even rent an apartment if you have a pit. Fucking stupid.
  6. Yeah man a lot of apartment ads say no aggressive breeds. Then in quotations no pit bulls. The most my dog will do is lick your face. People should fear German Shepards and Rottweilers even other dogs like hounds before they fear Pit Bulls IMHO.
  7. nice dog, too young to own
  8. Looks like a killer...


  9. There are actually lots of places around here that ban pit bulls, german shepherds, rottweilers, dobermans, chows, and even dalmatians for being "aggressive" breeds.

    Adorable puppy though, is he full pit?
  10. Yeah man I know. I mean like most people will go up to a German Shepard and pet the dog before they to up to a Pit. But yeah I'm pretty sure he's 100% pit. I can't be to sure though because he has no papers. My sister got him from an irresponsible backyard breeder then wanted to get rid of him. So I took the poor pup in to give him the love he needs. But I'm pretty sure he's full pit.
  11. Thought I might post a better pic

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  12. I only asked because I don't think I've ever seen that kinda coloring on a pit before. Made me wonder if he's a mix of some sort.

    So cute, either way. I'm sure you'll have a great dog as long as you raise him well. :D

    Whenever people talk about how "bad" pits are, I remember one of the first full pits I ever met. He was huge for a pit bull, but I had a pretty large dog myself growing up so I would play with him all the time.
    One time I was playing keep-away with his kong and when he tried to grab the kong with his paw he scratched me in the face. Not hard, there was no blood or even a welt, but as soon as I said "ow!" he stopped playing and rested his head on my knee and started licking my hand. Almost as if he was saying "sorry! I didn't mean to!!!" :p
  13. Could be possibly a mix. But to my understanding that tan/fawn color is the most common color for pits. Puzzled me when I read that online because I've never seen many fawn color pits. Oh well I won't be able to really tell until he gets a little bigger.
  14. Congrats on the being owned by a pit now. I love my pitbull she's boss as fuck. Use to be a bait dog but the humane socitey took her in and I wanted her. Thats good you wanted it to have a good home gona be an awesome dog.
  15. nice .. registered ? full blood ? how much u pay ?
  16. D'aww so cute! I need a puppy sometime soon
  17. I love puppies! I'm glad he found a forever home.
  18. SWEETLEAFTOKER get an American Bully for $500
  19. That's a real cute dog. Can't wait to get my Rotti puppy

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