My New Pipe!

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by ariel199, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So I just got this new pipe. What do ya think? any name suggestions? :hello:


  2. Dude... the swirl on the end looks like "the Scream" painting by edvard munch to me lol. im pretty high :smoke:
  3. I see it! haha i like that
  4. lol why Henry?
  5. Charlie, because the colors reminded me of candy mountain.
  6. Name it Revolution.
  7. Revolution #9! (number 9, number 9... :p)
  8. Revolution #9 isn't bad xD
  9. I second Henry. It looks like one to me!
  10. Me gusta. Very colorful.

  11. Ill third that. Henry is a fitting name
  12. I like the swirl.
  13. My vote goes to Ed Munch. Cause it'll give ya munchies.:smoke:
  14. I third "Henry".
  15. that's a heady ass bowl dude:smoke:

    i fouth henry:cool:
  16. I' ll name it Henry if someone will give me a reason. It just seems random lol
  17. I'd name it...Venice. That blue is nice :)
  18. i used to have a good toking buddy named henry:cool: always had kick ass pipes

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