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my new piece

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by relaxntakenotes, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. so ive had the same bubbler and bowl for a while now,
    and im finally saving up to buy a nice bong so i wanna make sure i get quality glass, but i dont know much about this art soo any suggesions are appreciated.
    im looking to spend $300-400, also i would rather not order online... does anyone know good headshops in te southwest florida area? i wouldnt mind driving to miami if necessary
  2. unfortunatly no. But why not buy it online??? its the best way to find out what you want and stuff. because you can always look at reviews and shit like that. Just go look around GC's head shop. Also for a good bong I would recommend a Roor just because my friend has one and its a good ass smoothe hit everytime. If your gonna drop 300-400 you can get all the good shit. Get a diffuser down stem, a/c, make sure it has ice pinches, and shit like that. Just look at reviews and find out what you like. Good luck and have a good time with the new bong!
  3. word dog thats all i gotta say
  4. i just like to see the pieces i buy in person... not just online
    i know roors are awesome but i feel like theres a llot more out there i dont know about that i might wanna buy. i like the roor little sista's though :D
    also i was at a local head shop and i saw a really cool volta ash catcher. anyone ever heard of them?

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