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my new piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gasoline-smooth, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. its not a really expensive one, but i didn't want anything too great. maybe i'll sell it and get a wicked nice one sometime .
    and yes i have a bowl packed.... i just got an eighth also.

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  2. How many pieces have you owned?
    If the # is pretty high up there then please disreguard anything and everything im about to post*

    I dunno about most people but this is just me evry piece i ever owned is kind of like family to me so i don't think i could ever sell one maybe if on the right occassion ill
    pass it on like a running stick but it would be pretty rare. Basicly i think you should hold on to it see if something interesting happens you never know...
    Honestly and Truthfully
  3. this is my second. my last one was nicer . but i may just sell this one to a friend . i may keep it idk. a collection would be nice lol.
  4. Shouldn't you post the purchase price? Or are you embarrassed?

  5. somekind, you really go out of your way to be a little prick.
  6. what does it matter?

    and why are you such a prick? i remember you ripped on a bunch of my pics because of the quality and the last 2 posts ive seen by you are just you being a you have nothing better to do then be an asshole on the internet?
  7. ladies, ladies, lets all take a puff and calm down. nice first peice btw looks like a cool color and is good for your first
  8. hang on to it. i have a few bowls myself. some of them hit different, and collections are nice to stare upon:cool:
  9. #9 ThinkBlue, Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2008
    Looks like one that I got


    Me and my friend went to our local hedhsop and it was 20 dollars he bought it and we walked out of the headshop and by the time we get into the car he goes "Why did I buy this shit? I'll sell it to you for 5$."

    I had to take it, awesome deal. It's color changing glass but its takeing forever to change

    I wouldn't sell it though. you shouldn't do that with any of ur glass like others have posted. Keep it for sure, you never know when your gonna need a piece.

    EDIT: They don't look anything alike. Man am I blazed
  10. What am I supposed to write? Wow! I love that pipe! I bet it hits great. Keep waiting for the colors to change, because they won't stop! It has blue and turquoise like my pipe!!

    Did anyone notice that I didn't critique the OP's photo?
  11. Hey man, that's a LOVELY little piece. I've got a friend with one just like it that I bought for him a little while back. It's small, but he named it Lil'Champ or "Champ" for short cause even though it's small it hits like a champion.

    Anywho, I'd suggest keeping it. If it's your second piece, and you no longer have your first due to unforseen circumstances than you'll grow attached to it. I had a lovely little collection of two spoons, two chillums, a bat, a dug out system, a Mason Jar bubbler, and a little green bong...after my parents found it before I moved out...I now only have the green bong and a spoon from it...grr...

    Anywho...enjoy your new piece, I hope it serves you more than well for years to come if you don't decide to sell it!

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