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my new piece :)

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by smittyman420, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. just got this badboy.. 12" straight, nice and thick, with the ash-catcher it hits so nice and smooth.

    i cant put it down... blasteddddd.

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  2. That looks nice man! :bongin:
    How much was it?
  3. 150 for the bong, 150 for the ashcatcher.. And it came with a bowl to fit the downstem and one to fit the ashcatcher. Now I just need my j-hook and its 2-in-1 haha!
  4. Wanna help me name it?

  5. How bout Cindy.

    If you pronounce SYN it sounds like your starting to say Cindy lol.
  6. lol why would you pay the same price for the ashcatcher as you did for your bong? Why not drop 300 and just get a syn showerhead?

    looks good though man.
  7. I wanted the ashcatcher because of the versatility. I'm gonna get a jhook for it so I can smoke it like a bubbler.. And I've also been looking into the showerheads. This is my first piece of science glass and I can tell already it won't be my last.
  8. How many perks does the ash catcher have??
  9. Nice piece, I got a 16" double mini inverted showerhead syn at my lhs for 175$ though

  10. lol, one upped ^

    Both nice pieces though, I used to have a syn with a dome perc and A/C, pretty nice piece.
  11. Honestly hated me syn and sold it to a friend for 100$
  12. I love the way you took the picture! Really neat idea. Sick bong bro

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