my new piece!! its a animal, which one???

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  1. my new elephat piece, i know these are pretty common at little stands and stuff but i couldent resist, i named it elly :D
    tell me what you think!

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  2. looks like a cat
  3. now thats a prety cool pachyderm...and i thinks it an animal
  4. It's a cutie! :)
  5. That's fucking bad ass man.
  6. why thank yalll ;) the best part about it is it only cost me 15 doller :hello:
  7.'s an elephant lol. Look at the giant ears. Only reason I know is because my friend has one, and it's pretty awesome. Kinda awkward to smoke out of at first, but once you get it down it's cool.

    And for $15 you cant go wrong, nice buy OP!
  8. no it's a cat
  9. i think its pretty legit, i had an elephant one time..haha bu it broke.. first the tail came off then the nose mouth thing then it just cracked down the side.. good piece while it lasted tho :)

  10. Those are some big ears for a cat :D!
  11. i saw a dragon there to, but that was like 40 bucks so i thought i could get a bomb little elephant :cool:

  12. [​IMG]

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