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My New Pet

Discussion in 'General' started by db4lyfe, May 28, 2009.

  1. so this is her in all of her glory the notorious black widow :eek: yeah i thought it would be a cool pet

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  2. i couldn't live with that..

    i dont like spiders :eek:

    especially venomous ones
  3. Black Widows make great pets, try holding it.

    Not really, feed it something a few times it size and film it! :smoking:
  4. fuck spiders.
  5. Not too bad, I used to keep some too, had about 30 lol. Along with some Recluse, tarantulas, scorpions, snakes, etc llol. She looks like she's going to pop. She'll have many egg sacs for ya ;-)
  6. Cool, but not to hold lol. I was at work today and picked up some spiral notebooks out of the back to put them on the shelf and this huge spider grabbed onto my hand, shit I freaked out and chucked the notebooks across the floor lol, but I didn't smush the spider, just got him off me :D

    But the brown Recluse in the garden shop, fuck no, fuck that shit, his ass got smushed like applesauce
  7. Ask for $10,000 or the spider dies!
  8. Here's a pic of my lil dude I found on my arm while working out in my garage.

  9. damn im creeped out. im a fan of snakes.. but i cant get into spiders..
  10. I try my best to not keep venomous pets, but more power to you buddy!

    Bugs scare me.
  11. Freaky....

    I was helping some friends move a while back... I think it was late summer/early fall ? But anyway, I found 2 black widow's within 5 minutes, when we were moving boxes out of their storage shed.

    I was really cautious about what I picked up after that.
  12. That's an awesome pet, until you wake up one morning and realize he's not in his jar anymore. And you can barely breathe. And then you die.

    Fuck spiders. Especially as pets.
  13. Fuck spiders also, LOL im a snake guy but dude, Spiders creep the fuck out, Anything that crawls on me and bites and is poisonious Can just be GONE! Except Snakes :)
  14. My friend stole a Madagascad Hissing Cockroach from school, and I kept it for a while. It was cool, because I let him crawl on my arm and shit. People were so freaked out.
  15. Oh hell no..

    Not a black widow

    I'd instantly kill that thing if it was in the same room as me.
  16. kill it by putting some nailpolish remover on a bunch of cotton balls and put them into the jar. the thing will be dead in hour or so and it'll be dead without destroying in structure. then u can play with it and scare people with it.
  17. I'd call ghost busters to get on that shit man....if that shit got loose and bit you as you where sleeping, lets say you wouldn't wake up.
  18. i stole her from her egg sacs lol she is pissed but i guess i will be ok she has calmed down alot since i got her
  19. you guys ever play with your spiders/snakes any exoctic animal while your blasted? its awesome
  20. i can tell you now she cant get out also a little info all the the ones with red hour glass (girls)

    are the only ones that can hurt you and only really pose a threat to babies and old people if i

    get hurt its gonna hurt like a mother fucker alot of chicks say its worse than giving birth but

    im not trying to get bit its also hard to film her eating cause she doesnt do it durring the day

    i have to put the jar shes in in a cabnit b4 she will mess with anything i put in there also alot

    of the chicks that see her hate spiders but thinks its sexy that i have it and sexy when she


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