My new one GALLON gravity! ROUND 2!!

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  1. Well i made this out of a 14mm ehle downstem from my broken 100ml (R.I.P.)

    The bowl i use is my Ben Wilson DD slide.

    The gorrilla glue you see is actually glued to thread sealing tape i put around the down stem, so if i want i can take it out and put it in something else :smoke:


    The first person to hit it is Me :D tell me how you think i did?

    2nd is my cousin

    3rd is a buddy

    Also i don't know why my cousin kept pullin the bowl out i think he was afraid to just let it roast lol.

    Sorry about all the chatter we were baked already :p


  2. hes pukin in the bathtub! I love it!
  3. That's prolly the funniest video i've ever seen.. Its hilarious how all you guys are questioning wtf your doing lmao... +rep bro! That's f'n HILARIOUS!
  4. lol i was seriously second guessing it about half way through.

    Also i encourage everyone to make one of these!
  5. pukin in the toilet after a gbong?
  6. lol no not a newb he's just got weak lungs eh
  7. Weak lungs don't matter at all when it comes to gravity bongs... Imo they get the thickest smoke.. My vortex always got me to the point of puking every time it was passed around.. Gravity bongs rip ass
  8. Stale smoke will do that you. ;)
  9. At the end did you buddy puke or pass out into the bath tub?:D
  10. waterfall bong not gravity
  11. mmmmmm stale smoke:rolleyes:

  13. The reason people cough their balls off and sometimes have bad experiences with g bongs is cuz of all that stale ass smoke that sits in there whiles it's filling up.
  14. If it was mids, i BET it tasted like shit.

  15. this.

    but yeah, thats alot of smoke.
  16. lol saca laca no it's dank i assure you



  17. lol damn he hacked it...lmao the female on the background 'this is gonna fuck us up' good shit bro +rep:smoke:
  18. ^ oh yea if not dank some serious mids, @OP if your into gbongs check out the bukket (portable gravity bong)
  19. O my god you should have seen that girl after this lol she is a tiny and superlight weight which always makes for some fun
  20. lol i bet she was to high:smoke:

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