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My new nyc pickup thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mrghozt, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. well, since i literally re up every single day and every single day i get at least 1-4 ozs of diffferent strains i thought id start a thread....

    i have many pics already posted on this site, hopefully i can transfer them all to this thread....if not oh well it doesnt matter...

    tomo i will be picking up two more ounces of Mango Kush and will take pics for you guys.....
    also i live in new york city...

    2 ounces of mango kush (which is fucking amazing medical quality weed, check my thread) for $400.....

    so yea, i could literally flip my momey in nyc within 1 minute....if i sold...but i dont sell, so i will be smoking it allllll mwhahahahaha :hello::hello::hello: lotsa pics to come!! get ready :)

    and i cant wait for everyone else who lives in NYC and cant find good weed to see what is available....not to brag, but to show u guys u need to look really, stop payin $20 for .6!!!!

    love ya all....see u tomo here....orbably around 8pm
  2. lol 20 dollaz for .6...
    i love canada
  3. lol and i love my grower :)

    i get canada prices also :) $130 half $200 ounce $280 max :)
  4. Were you at in cali?
  5. i am in New York City right now....i have a place in La Mesa San Diego...
  6. 400 for 2 zips? Damn man what kinda connects you got lol

  7. youl see as soon as i get this thread goin :)

    ive gotten very very lucky, lets put it that way
  8. know a grower, best prices around unless their all about their bottom line. growing kicks ass!
  9. [​IMG]

    Dat Fire my friend! Subbed, can't wait to see these pickups :)
  10. i wish i could transfer all my pickups into here...o well...i guess i gotta keep getting more bud shots...see ya later
  11. lol what are you having trouble with. Put the link of the image between tags. Easy bro :p See all the pics I post in the threads in my signature?
  12. lmao i tried, wtfffff
  13. Sorry, I just assumed you knew, no spaces. [​IMG]
  14. woot woot got it lol....thanks "sheldon"

  15. Haha no prob. And try saving your images, and uploading to Imgur. Make an account there. They have all different types of codes when you upload, super easy to use. I always upload to imgur first, then I just copy the bbcode it gives me for that picture. I can even have it make a smaller size image (large thumbnail) without actually having to make the image smaller first before uploading.

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