My new Luke wilson

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  1. Whats up guys dont really post here alot just use the grow info but figured id show off my new Leisure glass.
    Its 16 inches tall with a 14 arm tree over top of a 14 slit gridded inline. Tell me what you think I got it off AL.
  2. That's a really sweet tube man. How about setting that cam on a tripod and making some diffy vids?
  3. Very nice piece dude, enjoy that shit! Treat it like your baby
  4. thanks guys its not my first glass but definitly my most expensive so ill be careful. Ill try and get more vids later i had some trouble holdin the camera myself
  5. is that a 29mm joint seemed kinda big.
  6. 18mm the tube is narrow at the top though.
  7. [ame][/ame]

    New video
  8. Nice man, that inline does some nice work!.. try putting a little less water in it and itll probably pull nicer and bubbler more! Id have to rip it in person to be sure though lol
  9. yea it has no drag being an 18 mm so the higher water level makes it nice

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