My new light?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mulli_melli, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. I got given a light and a ballistrate today, but we don't know if it's any good for growing.

    On the side of the bulb it reads; E 39/40, 4KV, pulse rated. This means nothing to me, can anyone explain?

    It seems to be pretty bright and it feels warm on my hand. The bulb is a round shape with a aluminium shade covering it.

    Looks cool!!!! Could it grow anything that is the question?!
  2. Sounds like you scored on a ballist but I would make sure that you are using the right spectrum of lighting before starting to grow with it. Maybe check out the manufacture.
  3. your description of the bulb needs to be more specific. There are to many types to narrow it down with the info you gave.
    I have an electricians handbook and if you were to give more info like, bulb shape, is the bulb frosted or clear, what type of end for connecting ie.. screw type or bayonette. Also the manufactures # would help. I can look up the info for you.
    As a general rule the heat means diddly, its the color of light that means more.
  4. Yeah, I kinda scored on the ballist weedseeker, I actually already had one!! Never used it, sits in the shed gathering dust. So now I got two!! Both given to me. I found a timer in the same box aswell.

    Hears some more info anyway, see if this helps Zig. I pulled the light apart and it has a screw top, to me the bulb is white in colour!! I guess you could call it pearl! On the side of the actual bulb (I didn't notice this before) it read; HR400 THORN. This is a good thing eh??

    I haven't got a grow room, so I won't be growing anything for awhile. I have 2 outdoor plants that are flowering now. They were my practice plants. I'm keen to try indoor growing for the challenge. I'm even more keen now I have some equipment to play with.

    Thanks for your help fella's. Hope my extra info helps for ya's to tell me what I have.

  5. without actually seeing it the best guess is that it is a light bulb. sorry bad joke seriously though, in the book it has a section devoted to gaseous discharge lamps. Which by most standards are the ones we want they include:

    1. Mercury lamps
    a. reflector types
    b. clear glass types
    c. phosphor-coated(flourescent mercury) types
    2. Metal halide types
    3. High pressure sodium lamps
    4. Special types
    The coating on your bulb could classify it as flourescent, this will be your judgement, just remember if it looks like a pig doesn't mean it's a pig. The designations on most of the bulbs in my book are a letter designation followed by wattage then a dash followed by a letter# combination ie... H400-L4.
    These are the ANSI codes, there is also a bulb shape code but that is irrelevant in this situation seeing as you have the fixture it came with, right?
    I hope this bit of info helps but to tell you the truth your best bet would probably be to do an online search for the manufacturer, and get the #'s and bulb types from their web site. Good luck and keep token'. Any info you find out would be interesting to me also, let me know what you find.

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