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My new job.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. This week I started working at Bubbie's Bagels and New York Deli. This job rules.

    The people are super nice, I get to eat free bagels every day, and I even met a new hookup. Of nug! Hot damn!

    After I came home from work the first day I told Fred about the hookup guy. The only thing he said to me was "How do you always manage to find people at work who smoke weed?"

    The answer? We know our own ;)
  2. Kick ass Hempress! I'm glad you like your new job. And finding a nice new nug hookup is your first bonus, lol! :D

    And tell Fred that I concur....

    We can always spot on of our own... :D
  3. very nice..:)..congrats on the job hempress..*shoots hempress with the weedinator*

  4. My turn!....

    wait, I forgot....what was I doing again?
  5. Great to hear things are on the up.Must be all that grasscity karma .:D
  6. Well done, glad you like you new job.

    Plus a new hook up :)
  7. Thats great.. It's looking good for all the city blades lately!!!

  8. indeed! :)

    did them chocolate chips bagles w' peanut butter :D
    mmmmmmmmmmm :)
  9. i work for my dad... so i cant just meet a new hookup, but when i worked at the golden corral like 2 years ago i met a few guys who could get some good shit. im thinkin of checkin places out to apply where the workers look like stoners lol

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