My New Job Rocks!

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. So I just started a new job on Monday at this food place called The Pita Pit. It just opened so everyone here is new and we're all trying to figure out how to do everything. Well the one thing that I love to do is work the grill. For some reason, it's pretty fun to do. Like now I know what Spongebob must feel like. Just grilling away for 4 hours without even knowin it cause it was just so chill. Hahah. Yea and my coworkers are all pretty chill too.

    But last night was when I actually reaped some crazy physical rewards from my job. I got off at midnight and before I left, knowing that I was gonna smoke up afterwards, I made a monster pita. I tossed sausage, bacon, eggs, potatoes, green peppers, red onions, mushrooms all on the grill. Then I melted a good helping of shredded cheddar cheese on top. Then covered it with hot sauce and ranch before mixing it all up together. Then after letting it cook some more, I dumped it all in the pita and rolled it up. It was a little smaller than the size of a Chipotle burrito. Oh yea, just in case you wondering, that's not what we normally make hahaha. They're supposed to be veggies...I just took all of the meat and stuff together hahaha. I also didn't have any drinks at home, so I carried a large drink and grabbed a bag of chips too.

    So when I got home, I smoked up, chilled for a bit, and then munchied out and it was AWESOME. Like SO ridiculously good that I couldn't believe that I actually made it. From all the meat I threw in there, it should have costed like around 10 dollars maybe but I got it for free. AND I CAN DO THIS EVERY NIGHT!!!


    Which of course I spent to get more bud. What a beautiful system. Man I'm still fucking gone writing this right now so sorry if this made no sense.:smoking:
  2. We have one of those places downtown.. going to have to check it out.

    Congratulations on the new job man! What's the pay like?
  3. It's $8.00 an hour for me and I made $8 in tips today working 8 hours.
  4. Awesome dude, i remmeber you tellin me about this on WoW.

    Always good to have a job you like doin and that pita sounds BOMB!!!
  5. thats awesome man. i got a job 2 months ago at this restaurant Bay Ave trattoria. i really want to become a chef and this place was just in the ny times this weekend. Are u interested in becoming a chef?
  6. pita pit kicks ass!!!! im gonna go apply at Mr.sub in a few hours tonight i think....if i print off a resume
  7. i wish we hadf a pita palace or what you said i forgot already. but we got a chipotle and those are bomb. hmmmmm
  8. dude im wearing a pita pit shrit i stole off my cousin that wors in pita pit in So. Cal. its hermosa beach . . but the shrit is green with white letters and red outlineing on the letters and its the a nice ass shrit. i like it

    but what if you work in the Hermosa beach pita pit or dont want to say just PM me and ill tell you his name. he doesnt smoke pot but all his friends do and he knows i do . hes just been clean for like 2 or 3 years and doesnt want to "throw that away" w/e that means. actually if he wants to not smoke pot ill let him its his choice. for w/e reason he chooses.
  9. haha sounds tight buffet - i just got a new gig parkin cars downtown... just a little somethin to put cash in meh pockets... boss said I will see a lot of NBA/NFL players.. chyea!
  10. hhahahaha, yo i was at a pita pit dont happen to work at the one at umass...anyways congrats man, that place has ILL pitas...and burgers
  11. i don't suppose it's the pita pit in pacific beach...?
  12. I thought you lived near me for a second. We have a Pita Pit in Tallahassee that just opened up.. I was thinkin about gettin a job there.. If it's that chill I'll have to go apply..
  13. buffet ill smoke you out with some kush if you make me a crazy pita hahaha =] <3 sounds good as fuck
  14. Dude thats one of the best fucking stories I've heard in a long time. Congrats man, that pita sounds SO delicious about now.
  15. Damn man you had me drooling telling that story. One of those pita places just opened up around here. I should quit my shitty job and go see what's up.

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