My new job idea - i think its gonna be amazing

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jam6992, May 18, 2010.

  1. So i just smoked a bowl of some res cuz i ran outta weed and wanted to get high but i ended up getting a shit ton of res and getting really high. but anyways, so im moving to los angeles this summer with my family (im gonna be a freshman in college next fall) and i need to get a job that i dont need to make that much commitment to, but i still really wanna make some money. so i randomly went to careerbuilder. c om and typed in jobs in los angeles and the idea to be a movie extra came up. i was like holy shit thats awesome cuz im actually gonna be working as a producer for my senior project thing for high school so ill be like in the business maybe.
    if i was an extra i would just do whatever the people tell me to do in the background and get paid $300 a day. i was like holy shit thats the best idea but im really high so i want u guys to tell me what u think. hahha:hello::smoking:
  2. Sounds like an awesome job to have for a smoker who does not want to big a commitment. If ever you did not want to work you just don't have to look for any. Good call my man;)
  3. I might need to do that, I justed got Fired, Random UA Fuck!
  4. yeah i feel like its actually a good idea. ill talk to my my mom about it tomorrow. haha
  5. Extras have very long hours, 6-7 AM - 10 PM sometimes, but can have it easy depending on the show or movie you're on and what they need the extras for. Also, if you are part of the union you will likely get free food but it takes awhile to become part of the union. I would suggest getting head shots and then applying to an extra agency, there must be a million in L.A but I was never involved in acting when I lived there so I don't know.

    I don't know anything about the TV or movie industry.
  6. when i saw this thread title i was like "oh god another stoned crappy idea".
    but thats actualy a good idea...good luck :smoke:
  7. Whats a UA?
  8. just thinking about the taaste of resin makes my cringe...

    And that would be a sweet job. I'm sure there's tons of people who apply to be an extra though/

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