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my new job - babble

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. wasssup!? lol. not too much here. i'm just a little stoned and figured i'd tell everyone about my new job. it's awesome. (btw, i work at Papa John's now :)... but yeah, there's only 5 things on the menu. pizza, bread sticks, cheese sticks, chicken strips, and soda... but that's not why i like this job so much... the main reason is... i go to work high every day, and the managers don't care... they're like "i don't care, as long as you get all your shit done" i was like "alright!" by the way... the job is fun too. i just slap dough and pop the bubbles in the crust for most of the day (get paid $8 an hour which is cool too :))
  2. where abouts u from? doubt your near me, just sounds like a place by me lol. same name too.
  3. Lol.....Daisey, you are funny! There are Papa John's all over. There is one maybe a mile from me.

    WAIT.....COTTONS.....are you here?????????????
  4. How'd your boss(es) find out about you being stoned at work in the first place? Was it obvious for some reason or did you ask them? Perhaps they just told you that whether or not you smoked. Oh well, that rocks man, I'm glad for you ;)
  5. Don't get the munchies and spend all your money on pizza! LOL
  6. back in the 70-s when I was young, free, and irresponsible, I worked at a number of pizza places... could sling pies with the best of em. Used to deliver pizza's on the campus of ohio state university. then we'ed close the bars and play risk till 4-5 am... those were the days my friends...

  7. well, he actually didn't tell me... he told my foster brother (i'm always around him so he knows i do too), but when anthony was working one day his boss was like "you think i don't know you just smoked?" and then that whole convo about him not caring as long as we get our crap done went on :)

  8. lol, that one down in tennessee?... we're always making deliveries (wow, that's really a weird word) to this really cool lady who's always baked, and goes by RMJL on lol... yeah. that's the one i work at :) blah, man i'm really stoned. GREAT DANKS! :) :) :)
  9. A pizza would be good right now.....I have the munchies!!

    Bring me one Cottons.. I'm only a couple of hours from RMJL.......
  10. sweet. we got the papa johns around here. wellkind of. not exactly here, but man when Im visting friends around me but not here, anyway nice garlicy type pizza. nice j-o-b. congrats. lol.

  11. lol. i'm gonna find a way of getting a QP together of the best stuff i can find at the moment... and taking a trip to RMJL's for a huge session. half's gonna go for burning, the other half for cooking (man... i'm mean in the kitchen :))... you're more than welcome to come along, lol... i'll bring some papa john's with me too, LOL
  13. you know what i meant.
  14. ill bring the pink taco.
    to da plume! wit da biskets!
  15. i am smoking free weed

  16. Good trade.

    thats always fun!

    why not?!

    i bet!




    lifes not a race! cant stop entrophy, so why even try!?
  17. holy shit, $8 an hour! i wanna work there now. Plus 5 things on the menu, it won't be too hard when Im f'cked up.

  18. i do school lunches which is why i get 8 an hour... i don't get a lot of hours though. usually work from 8 or 9 til no later than 3ish... but it's not bad... lots of fun

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