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My new a waitress.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. Today I start work as a waitress....I've done it before and didn't really care for it...too much stress for too little pay. But TheHempress needs a job just like the rest of you...well maybe not all of you. Anyway, it's only part-time (today I only work 2 hours) but that should be good enough to save money for my grow operation. I only have to pay my mom a little bit each month and the rest goes to weed, cigs, and weed growing products. Hopefully I should start growing Shishkeberry this summer with another guy I know. I'll be in charge of the growing, and he'll be in charge of the selling since he does that already and has experience (I've never been a dealer) We are going to be the people that your dealer goes to...selling in large 1/8ths or 1/4s here!

    Anyway, I'm gonna be working at a small Italian restaurant in my town (no, not Gargano's! I heard working there sucks!). It's farther away than my last job, but still within walking's only a half hour walk, give or take ten minutes. Too bad I gotta walk on my first day and it's raining! It's soo cold out there and I already put my winter coat away for spring! And I'm out of cigarettes! Today is gonna suck!

    O well, wish me luck...I might need it!
  2. Good luck Hempress..

    Maybe this will turn into "the great oppertunity".

    If not at least you will start having some funds!
  3. Good luch Hempress, learn all you can because thats one job that there will always be a demand for!
  4. I used to work at Dairy Queen and had to walk 45 minutes to get there. Luckily, I could ride my bike there in 15-20 because it was mostly downhill. Now the uphill ride back sucked when I was tired after work, but I was able to find rides back home and cram my bike into someone's car.
  5. :) allright! everyones getting new jobs! lol, ISO money for summer partying :D well good luck, waitressing is good if ya got the personality and the patience lol I know you got the personality :) I liked it cause it meant CASH at the end of the day..which could be trouble though!
  6. HIGH All, good luck TheHempress we need more of you!!!! I hope you get what your looking for.
  7. Sounds as if the median income of the city is on the rise!

    Congrats Hempy!
  8. I just got home from my first day...only 2 hours and I had another girl watching me, so I only made 4 dollars (we were very slow today, it being Sunday afternoon and all) but I got cigarettes, so I'm happy!

    Edit-- I think I'm gonna like working here...the people are very nice, only they all speak Italian all the time, so I don't know what they're talking about!
  9. Sounds cool...... hope it's worth the walk for you....
  10. Good luck

    Waitressing has got to be one of the toughest jobs, because you have to put up with all kinds of assholes, and rely on them for tips. My mom did it for 20-30 years and I have the greatest respect for wait staff, especially those who care about the quality of service they give.
  11. I thought minimum wage was like $6.50:eek:.

    watch out for old drunk guys, they'll grab yer ass.
  12. Waitress only get paid like $2.20 an hr. here because they also make tips. that's why you should always tip your waitress!! Right girls?
  13. I have done some waitressing and it is kinda tough. I just started a new job working as a hostess at a Texas Roadhouse. Congrats to Hempress by the way.
  14. same thing here.... thats why ya always gotta tip nice.......
    people depend on it. ( unless they're rude a holes of course) ;)
  15. oh man..I used to work at a Denny's 3rd shift....creepy drunk guys as far as the eye can see!

    Thanks for the congrats :D
  16. i was a waitress before and i sucked, i mean it sucked ;)
    its good youll be working with cool peoples
    an heres my lil cent of advice be really nice to the woman if your waiting on a couple, do not ignore her.we really controll the tip money lol. congrats
  17. Wow...seems like a lot of people at the City got new jobs recently....what a wave of good luck! I'm sure we're gonna see even more stoned rants now!
  18. LOL. I'll rant about my old job cause I was just telling a friend about it. They hired me as a cashier, and made me freakin wash dishes. It didn't take long before I quit doin that crap! I don't think washing dishes like that is really a great idea for a prissy chic like myself.

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