My new job as a crash test dummy: WTF!!! part II

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. Monday night i got hit by a drunk kid who ran a stop sign, and fucked up my car. I started new job yesterday and today at work and were following the pyle driver machine in a flatbed diesel. This dude driving was following the pyle driver, and he wasn't payin attentoin or somethin, i wasn't looking forward, nect thing i kno there's the business end of this pyledriver coming through the center of the windshield and right through the cab. It crushed the whole cab roof back to the bed and folded in the sides of the cab. I got a glass shower and although about 10 tons of steel grazed about an inch from my melon, i was unscratched. Oh yeah, and i was wearing my hardhat and safety glasses when it happened, and when that punkbitch hit me the other night i had my helmet on too. Fuckin' crazy shizzle!

  2. DUDE! wtf have you been doing to get into so many scrapes!!?!?!

    i swear man... this has to be the matrix agents out to get you lol. jk
  3. I think i figured out the matrix, the agents know, and they're out to get me.

    I'm gonna quit driving cars, i'm gonna get a motorbike, it's a smaller target haha.

    I did a "ghetto alignment" on my car and hopefully it'll stop pulling to the side, i just adjusted the tie-rod till it "looked right" and it feels better, but i haven't been over 15mph, tomorrow i'll find out when i go to work. Hopefully i'll survive tomorrow. If not, then y'all be cool and keep on truckin' maaan!

    Hey everybody, send me some "survival karma", i feel like i need it.

  5. Makes me think of when my brother used to drive a big rig across the country. He was somewhere where it was snowing like all hell. Like you couldn't see shit 15 feet away. So he was at a truck stop sleepin. And he wakes up. And sees all the snow through the windshield. And thinks he fell asleep at the wheel and is like "AHHHH!" and jumps out of the truck at 0 mph. Realized what was goin on, looked around to see if anyone saw, and got back in the truck.

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