My new JBD bong

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  1. Just got it the other day from my local head shop, $70. Love it so much, diffused downstem and ice catcher. Simple straight tube, gonna ball park 12-14". Had it for less than a week, already had to clean it, got it nice and dirty, so stoked

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  2. Named it disaster because I had a crazy night the first night I had it
  3. Nice tube man.
  4. Good quality tube good shit :smoke:
  5. Best friend broke the handle on the bowl and the downstem
  6. Damn that sucks. Might wanna get a Keck clip.
  7. Why are you calling it a JBD bong?
  8. Because I was to lazy to put in Jerome baker design
  9. Does it have a JBD label?
  10. If you zoom in you can see it imprinted on the other side
  11. its sad to see the JBD slandered by being placed on a piece like this.
    while JBD used to be a high end tube maker years ago, after operation pipe dreams shut them down, the company name was sold to a company making cheap junk china glass.

    unless your taking a vintage JBD from like a decade ago, which would be a grommet style not GonG, its just cheap china junk trying to make a quick buck off the JBD name that used to be legit.

  12. At least they paid for the rights to put the JBD insignia on their pieces. So it's a step up from the Chinese knock-offs that slap RooR logos on their glass.
  13. regardless of the JBD hate, nice pickup OP.
    only thing i would recommend is switching out the slide.

    i like the placement of the downstem..
    means barely any water.
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    a word from "mr. baker" himself :

    ill post my jbd later. it's awesome

  15. That sure sounds like Jason. I tend to agree with him.

    Just so you know, "mr. baker" isn't a real person. Jason Harris created Jerome Baker Designs after Jerry Garcia died and named it after him and getting baked. That's how Jerome Baker came about, Jerry and getting baked.
  16. i know thats why i put quotes dude

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