My new Inline A/C + New Bowl + Sugar Kush macros

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  1. So i went to my regular shop THC today, and i asked about inline ashcatchers.. he begins to pull out a dry a/c and then tells me they dont carry anything bigger than 14.4 which is bs since i always buy my stuff there, but then my friend pointed out Toronto Art Glass, THC had cards advertising it, so we went down there instead - - i asked the blower if he had any inline ashcatchers, he told me he had this basic one that he made for himself but forgot to take home! so i asked if it would be cool if i bought it and he said yeah sure, he tells me 40$!!! so i bought that an a niice thick ass mini bowl that im expecting to never break unless i drop it on to cement which my bong will never be around, i walked out with the 2 for 65$, about 100+ less than i expected i am HAPPY - - i also included some macros of the sugar kush i picked up right before i bought the a/c, im still new to macros so bear with them
  2. bump for some views! anyone who shops for glass in Toronto head to T A G deals and 100% customs if you want(VERY cheap as well)
  3. thats an awesome deal man, nice find!
  4. 40 bucks is an awesome price. buds nice too.
  5. sweet dude!

    now with he money you saved go buy some salt and ISO.:p
  6. nice inline man, I didnt think THC would have any inlines. never been to the Toronto Glass place but whenever I go back to Toronto I'll check it out. Nice pickup for $40, too
  7. nice inline bro! you need to clean it though, just sayin :smoke:
  8. Hey bird nice stuff man! I generally go to TO to pickup my glass usually at Earth & Fire on Queen St. Ill have to check out TAG, someone should make a solid list of all the head shops and glass makers in TO.
  9. You sir are one lucky guy. Great find. :bongin:
  10. this made me laugh hahah, i ususally clean my shit just with a shit load of running hot water, but i didnt bother for these pic's

    they had one but it was fucked, it was attached to the bong,you couldn take it off, and it was 1100$...

    ive never heard of earth & fire, ill have to check out that place evenually, but at TAG he said you can get custom bowls and downstems for so cheap and he'll do it right in fron of you in like 20 minues, he said you can also rent glass blowing time for 10$ an hour after you take a 1 hour lesson on how to from him, he said hes got a team of stoners that just come in and make their own shit for like 50$ and theyre always amazing

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