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My new HVY bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ilikebud, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. picked it up for 70$ including the bowl from a local head shop.. pretty stoked. Its by the brand HVY so i call her "barrington heavy". Top and bottom of the bing is turning blue but you cant tell in the picture.


    Nice little romulan nug in the bowl

  2. barrington heavy? explain please
  3. Very nice. Good price.
  4. sweet bong for a sweet price bro! and that nug sure does look tastey.
  5. good shit man, how tall is it?
  6. Nice dude. Is that a glass on glass though? Although I've never heard of HVY before? Is that an East, West, European Brand?
  7. Make sure you break it up.
  8. that thing is so trick! +rep for the nice price, thick glass, sick bowl, and nice trees!
  9. Barrington was the legendary co-op housing unit at UCBerkeley that is mentioned in the Primus song Frizzle Fry. They used to play LSD parties in the basement. I was at the last one. Long live Barrington!
  10. Barrington is also a street in halifax.
  11. barrington levy?
  12. If i had to guess i'd say its a reference to Barrington Bear, from a childrens book. the bowl kinda looks like a bear's head
  13. its obviously barrington levy, only a fuckin irie reggae band that has got the right vibes. +rep on barrington heavy and knowing what good music is all about.
  14. sir! +rep!!! its great for 70!!! how tall is it exactly?? and whats the joint size/glass thickness
  15. i ask because barrington is a town near me
  16. ya barrington hvy because of barrington levy, dopeass reggae band you should check em out. not sure excactly how thick it is, but its like a foot and half tall. not glass on glass though... and about the nug ya i broke it up before i smoked it,i just like putting one fat nug in the bowl for a pic.
  17. That's a good price! I like HVY bongs....I want a GonG one I saw. Nice pickup too!
  18. looks like you need a bigger bowl :smoke:
  19. great price!!!!!!
  20. great price man, my HVY was 120. Gwen. quite lovely. haha

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